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Fuming Mouth – Beyond The Tomb

Fuming Mouth
Beyond The Tomb
by Quinten Serna at 14 January 2021, 2:11 AM

Coming just one year after their debut, “Beyond The Tomb,” is the newest EP from the duo FUMING MOUTH. Very much in the same musical vein as the groups previous release, the EP focuses on desperation, destruction, and the dismal tones that they carry.

Opening with the title track is a bold statement, as such “Beyond The Tomb” is a bold song with quite a lot to voice itself—the introduction is a stirring melding of burgeoning noise rooted in strings and percussion which act as an unassuming harbinger for the grandiose and macabre elements found further within the 3 track; the song begins with quick progression overlaid by a rapid solo both focused solely on transitioning the song unto the first verse. The song as a whole features several different dynamic changes which highlights the theming of the lyrics, the ending noise then acts as a segue unto the next track, “Master Of Extremity.” Unlike its predecessor this song begins immediately, though the verse is played with a half-time feel compared to the intensity of the main riff; the song possesses a growing quality to it building up in intensity for the duration of the verses but never returning to its original speed save for during the break/solo. The final song of the 3 is “Road To Odessa” the shortest piece on the EP and of a curious background; the song tells the story of what one would assume to be a train derailment, however there have been multiple grievous train derailments and accidents inside and outside of Odessas around the world, so pinning one in particular as subject matter is a dismal enterprise; the song itself forgoes the quick and hastened approach of its predecessors in favor of elements more akin to Doom, as the final tracks seems to come to a gritty stop following the final recitation of “We’re ready to crash.”

The instrumentation is quite exacting and explicit instantly wresting the attention of the listener due to its tonal quality. The guitars are heavy and gritty and fit in perfectly to a sonic niche left by the bass—the strings balance is superb as each contains their own distinct mannerisms however are so well near one another that they sound as a single unit; the bass is the powerhouse filling out the lower end of the soundscape and giving substance to the rest of the band for them to stand on, the sheer intensity of the 4 string  is immediately noticeable and provides a raw aggression to every track; the drums tie each instrument together and are themselves quite well balanced and maintained never drawing too much attention away from the strings or vocals but still maintaining a solid presence themselves; and lastly, the vocals shriek and roar in desperation highlighting the thematic elements behind each song providing substance and character to the lyrics.

All in all the package is small package is quite voluminous in terms of sheer fortitude, containing just as much care and attention as The Grand Descent had, if not more so. Beyond The Tomb gives credence that there’s more in the works from FUMING MOUTH and will no doubt hold fans over until the band’s next anticipated release.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Beyond The Tomb
2. Master Of Extremity
3. Road To Odessa
Mark – Bass, Guitars, and Vocals
Andrew Budwey – Guitars
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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