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Funeral Chant - Dawn of Annihilation

Funeral Chant
Dawn of Annihilation
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 05 February 2022, 7:37 AM

Black/Death Metal and Black/Thrash Metal are genres that have their roots in the same bands: SLAYER during “Show No Mercy”/”Hell Awaits” times, SODOM, DESTRUCTION and KREATOR on their early works (before the German trio came to be Thrash Metal acts). And from times to time, some bands are trying to get back that model of the 80’s, when things were into a more organic and simple outfit. And the North American quartet FUNERAL CHANT follows such path, as can be heard on “Dawn of Annihilation”, their second album.

Their music has deep roots on the days between 1983 and 1986, when Death/Black metal and Thrash/Black Metal were twin brothers, with the brutality and simple outfit of those days. But the band shows talent on the rhythmic changes and aggressiveness, and it evades the sensation of hearing the same song time and time again (besides the band could use some slow tempos as well). It’s brutal and full of energy, but they need to sharp their musical efforts a bit more in the future (what means that they’re good by now). Justin Divver is the one who did the recordings, mixing and mastering of “Dawn of Annihilation” (and the quartet itself produced the album). As the band uses an Old School Metal outfit on their music, it’s clear why the sonority seems to be in a simple and organic form, with things in the due ways. But some improvements could reinforce their musical efforts in the future as well. It’s good, but could be better.

As expected of a band from their genre, “Terrorspawn” is a song that comes fast and thundering, based on solid guitar riffs and nasty solos. And “Oneiric Perversion” follows a tendency similar to the previous one on the tempos (although some changes can be heard), with a food and solid work on bass guitar and drums. “Pernicious Rites” shows fast tempos once more, but with a better technical insight in some parts. But to show that they know how to work on slow paced rhythms, there are some moments on such form on “Xenophonic Transmission” (where the guitar riffs are really great).

Fast and based on a solid rhythm created by bass guitar and drums, “Malefic Reign” is a musical onslaught for the ears. And “Lucifuge Domain” follows the same tendency (besides the instrumental technique evades sensation of hearing a boring song). The brutal grasp of “Dawn of Annihilation” is based on very good vocals and sharp guitars riffs (and the slow tempos that appear are really great), and “Serpent Pact” is the closing song of the album, again with a strong Hardcore influence on the tempos.

As mentioned above, “Dawn of Annihilation” shows a band that needs to mature a bit more their efforts. And maybe the expanding of slow tempo parts on their next release can improve FUNERAL CHANT’s work (yes, it’s a suggestion for you, guys).

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Terrorspawn
2. Oneiric Perversion
3. Pernicious Rites
4. Xenophonic Transmission
5. Malefic Reign
6. Lucifuge Domain
7. Dawn of Annihilation
8. Serpent Pact
† Voidbringer - Guitars, Vocals
Doom of Old - Guitars
Infernal Spectre - Bass
Cruel Force - Drums
Record Label: Carbonized Records


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