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Funeral Chasm – Omniversal Existence

Funeral Chasm
Omniversal Existence
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 13 July 2021, 6:29 AM

FUNERAL CHASM is a Danish death/doom band who formed in 2020. "Omniversal Existence," is their first full length album but they released an ep last year. This is a well put together album. The song writing is exceptional with the musicianship to back it up. Although funeral doom in style, all eight tracks are under nine minutes each for a total running time under fifty minutes. The regular edition stops with seven tracks but my promo copy was lucky enough to come with the vinyl exclusive track ,"Through The Eyes Of The Joyless."

The run time makes it very easy album to listen to in terms of flow and overall presentation—-and these two things make it an album with a very high replay value. The overall feel of the album is, of course, depressing but more Gothic and melodic at times than dismal. "Embellishment Of Inception," is lead by the melodic lead guitar which tells a story on its own. The rhythm guitar is slow heavy, just as it should be. The bass and drums compliment both the song while being enjoyable on their own.

I like how smooth each part of the song transitions to the next, such as the lead guitar leading to the deep death growls that in turn give away to the baritone cleans. Both vocal styles are exceptional and heartfelt in their approach. "The Truth That Never Was," is less melancholic and more direct in its approach. The double bass and the many death screams and growls certainly help the song lean this way. The simple but effective keyboards keep the song down trodden but the clean chanting and bass constantly keep the sense of foreboding rising. The last minute or so of the song is rather haunting and stuck with me. The way the cleans and the bass work together to achieve this atmosphere is incredible but I have to give props to the drums that keep it both interesting and oddly energetic.

"Sunrise Vertigo," is a perfect doom song in my opinion.  The first minute of the song is a slow build up that adds layers as it lumbers along. After that a spacious, ambient section comes with clean notes, thumping bass and death growls providing a minimalist yet full performance The song moves along at a slow but even pace, the dirge getting more heavy and extreme as it goes both musically and vocally. The later half of the song is a clean section that prepares the listener for the Gothic doom dirge that lies ahead and finishes the song nicely.

"Astral Reality," sounds more sinister than the previous six tracks and is definitely more moody. The caustic guitar solo and low, depressed clean vocals lay down a suffocating and dark atmosphere that hangs overhead like a storm cloud. Rain in the form of clean keys drops from this cloud before the bottom falls out.  The vocals are painfully expressed like a lost soul crying out from the void.  Couple this with the dark and crawling music, the song sounds mysterious and otherworldly.

FUNERAL CHASM have crafted an excellent debut full length and any fan of this style of doom should be just as pleasantly surprised as I am.  This is definitely a band to watch in the coming years.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Embellishment of Inception
2. The Truth That Never Was
3. Mesmerising Clarity
4. Extracting the Flesh from the Gods
5. Sunrise Vertigo
6. The Skeleton Secret
7. Astral Reality
Sjaelepest - Guitars, Bass
Danny Woe - Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics
Record Label: Aesthetic Death Records


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