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Funeral Oppression – The Prisoners Of Life Award winner

Funeral Oppression
The Prisoners Of Life
by Mike Coyle at 10 June 2015, 3:56 PM

Today I am happy to be reviewing my first Depressive Black Metal band and as well reviewing their first full­-length, I have to say I am quite excited to see what we have here and as well seeing what you the fans find in this band. ENVELOPED BY SHADOWS from the very start the sound is calming with a sudden strike of incredible sound mixing between the to sounds, through these we are introduced to the track and shown just what the band have in store for the rest of this song. As it continues there seems to be a chanting which truly sets the mood for this song and creates a very powerful yet beautiful darkness within its own tone, I find this track calming in a way, maybe because I'm use to loud and aggressive music that my ears are able to find this sound capturing in many ways and I find the vocal style of Void very unique, to me it feels like he is the embodiment of a raven screaming through the darkness and I find that he has a sound that really takes place above. On “In This Stunning Silence”, the start of this song in it's own way is quite epic to say the least, it differs compared to the previous track but feels like the kind of song that an individual would set a voyage upon, almost like a quest or a journey of sorts which is pretty bad-ass to be very honest. As with the previous song we have the styles of Void leading charge and creating this classic form of Black Metal vocal which is incredible and in many ways matches perfectly with the structure of the song itself creating different shades with the tone of the one in general and making a lot to join both as a whole.

On “Away From Chains Of The Mind” has the mood set for this song alone is dark, and in a very strong way turns into an emotion which really takes on a life of it's own, as the song continues we hear the guitar work of Ravenblack take hold and capture the moment with a melodic tone that really takes hold of the listener and unravel what is upon their minds, with the combination of these two masters of their own style Void and Ravenblack create a sound that leads the mind both curious and lost bringing them to a place that only the listener can tell where it is, I find that with this song there are different instrument styles being used in the same area of this the and different emotions which become a whole, a strong and violent temper can be felt as well s the agony of Voids voice brought into the mix of this fast melodic form of music being placed before us. On “The Prisoners of Life” the sound of rain comes before the tracks opening which then leads to a guitar tone emerging from the distance creating the bones to what this song shall become, I felt like that with this song there was a simple structure made for this song, but if we have learned anything as fans of music it is that the most simple material can become something incredible and bring us to another area of out mental prowess, with what I feel in this track there are so many ideas that have been placed within it that it becomes a shadow to which consumes whatever it is that is placed before it and that with the work of both these masters that there is indeed something which is being consumed and altered to become the heart and the soul of this musical construction. “Nothing… To Eternal Grandeur Of Death” we come to the records final track which opens like a ceremony, or a funeral procession, to the song there are voices in the back of that I can tell are people crying to which leads me to think that this track holds some value to one of the members as there is more emotion within this track then any of the rest, with this being said I feel that the howls and wails of Void’s vocals tell that this is the heart of the record and that this holds a key importance to itself and creates the blood and the body of what this record has shown me so far and I must say that the work we have seen so far on this record in general is some of the best I have ever had the chance to hear since being a member of Metal­-Temple as this is some of the strongest emotion I have actually felt in a record.

The work on this record is a testament to greater things to come from this band, whatever the road shows for this duo will surely lead to some incredible things to which I look forward to, fantastic work!

5 Star Rating

1. Enveloped By Shadows
2. In This Stunning Silence
3. Away From Chains Of Mind
4. The Prisoners Of Life
5. Nothing… To Eternal Grandeur Of Death
Ravenblack – Guitars & Bass & Drum Programming
Void – Vocals
Record Label: Deleting Soul Records


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