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Funeralglade - May the Funeral Begin

May the Funeral Begin
by Tina Webber at 15 October 2017, 2:20 PM

The heavy pressure systems of Grindcore converged with rising air from the Finnish ocean of melodic death metal and developed a new kind of storm. That new storm is called FUNERALGLADE– a melodic death metal band from Turku, Finland. FUNERALGLADE’S debut EP “May the Funeral Begin”, is an intense storm with a new outlook for the genre set in its path. “May the Funeral Begin” is a dangerous and fascinating combination of groove and heaviness accompanied by the diversity of Otto Mäkiniemi’s windpipes. The EP opens up with a sound clip of a thunderstorm; the perfect mood setter for a funeral after all, and then is followed by swirling riffs, groovy bass lines, and drum beats in “Shadow of Misery.” The listener will be instantly blown away by the exciting rhythm of destructiveness after in this track.

“Death (Only Way Out)” is an extremely groovy track with upbeat riffs and ascending chords. “Hollow” is a track that has impressive shredding and breakdowns with isolated symphonic melodies that is similar to CHILDREN OF BODOM.  “Cadence of the Aching Breath” is the eye of the storm. It is a dark, beautiful, calm and soothing instrumental. “A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust” is a force to be reckoned with. It is an interesting rotation of heavy pounding and hailing melodic harmonies with unpredictable tempos. The storm comes to an end with “Paincauser”, which has a MORBID ANGEL vibe to it. The momentum of brutal death metal debris is definitely felt and appreciated. The lyrics in “May the Funeral Begin,” focus on a several themes, which include death, hate and gloom.

Overall, “May the Funeral Begin” is quite enjoyable and I look forward to hearing more from this talented band and see what they conjure next. This EP is definitely worth a listen. A new storm of metal is coming. Are you prepared?

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Shadow of Misery
2. Death (Only Way Out)
3. Hollow
4. Cadence of the Aching Breath
5. A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust
6. Paincauser
Otto Mäkiniemi - Vocals
Kalle Roine - Drums
Aleksi Nieminen - Lead Guitar
Tony Ewart - Rhythm Guitar
Matias Kartemo - Bass Guitar
Record Label: Inverse Records


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