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Fungus Inc. - Rot & Roll (CD)

Fungus Inc.
Rot & Roll
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 July 2008, 11:49 AM

I don't know why, but when I see this Painkiller Records logo on an album I have a slight doubt regarding the quality of the music contained in the specific CD. I am really sorry to say that but Painkiller has released nothing that managed to attract my attention. Anyway, I hope it is not one more boring Thrash Metal band with shitty sound.

The Belgian metallers FUNGUS INC. were formed in 2004, after the demise of Death Metal act CULPABLE HOMICIDE. Even though these guys didn't take this whole thing seriously, their first two songs were liked by the audience (as they say) and they decided to turn this project into a band. After signing to the Belgian Painkiller Records, the band released its very first official work Rot & Roll.

To tell you the truth, the band's name, the album's cover artwork and the whole package made me think that it would be a wannabe CARCASS band. Thank god, these guys are a pure old school Death Metal band in the vein of bands like DISMEMBER, PESTILENCE and BOLT THROWER. Even the high and mighty Martin Van Drunen (ASPHYX, HAIL OF BULLETS, ex-PESTILENCE, BOLT THROWER) appears on 5 of the 10 songs this album contains.

With a rotten as fuck production the party animals FUNGUS INC. manage to produce a decent Death Metal album with songs like Fake Tits And Broken Hips and Don't Fuck With The Elderly that make you want to headbang and laugh at the same time. Definitely not something that you will remember for being amazing, but an honest work with songs that are destined to make you want to get up and dance… Ehm, did I say dance?

3 Star Rating

I Don't Give A Crap
Cellulite Monologues
Fake Tits And Broken Hips
Don't Fuck With The Elderly
Escape From The Beast
Shepherd Poon Pie
The Itch
The Magic Trick
I Forgot How To Pee
The Humongous Fungus - Vocals
Dr. Fungus - Guitar
Lil' Nop - Bass
El Hongo Con Cojones - Drum
Record Label: Painkiller Records


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