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Furia - Kheros (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 02 May 2006, 12:47 AM

Furia? First time I ever hear about this band. Hmmm, they belong to Season Of Mist. They must be a Black Metal band or something like that. Let's check them out. Kheros is the name of this release and boredom is the feeling it gave me!!! I will try to be as nice as I can…
Furia come from France. The band's debut was a Demo cassette in 1998, Darkside Of Apocalypse. After four more releases (one by Adipocere Records) and three lineup changes, Furia managed to sign a contract with Season Of Mist Records in October 2005. The result of all these moves was Kheros, their third official release.
I haven't listened to any previous material by this band, but this release is surely very boring and uninspired. The drums sound awful and in general, the production isn't the best possible. When I started listening to Kheros, I thought I had to face a serious and at least decent release. Furia try to create a mixture of… EVERYTHING! They play Black/Death Metal while adding some electro-Goth and melodic elements. Imagine a bad version of Children Of Bodom!!! They don't even give you some time to get used to their songs! The songs' structure really sucks! While you listen to a harsh and powerful riff, an Industrial/Electronic break shatters any glimmer of hope you may have… If it was a recipe, I wouldn't want to eat the result, for sure!
What I hate most is when good musicians come up with shitty releases. And Furia belongs in this category. They could have recorded a far more decent and worthy record. They have the talent and that's obvious. They just lack of inspiration. As for the lyrics, I'm not a speaker of the French language. I used to study French in the past, but I wouldn't spend time to translate the lyrics!
I am looking forward to their next release. I hope they will understand that they can't earn respect and fame with such albums. Anyway, I just want to wish them luck and I hope that they'll come back with something better…

2 Star Rating

The Descent Of A Warrior
The Imperfection Of The Soul
Errare Humanum Est
Dogma's Fall
A Heart In Escape
Evil Spells Approval
Declaration Of War
End Of A Belief, The Beginning Of A Truth
The Result Of A Destiny
Damien - Vocals
Mickael - Guitar & Vocals
Guillaume - Bass
Julien - Drums
Mehdi - Keyboards & Vocals
Stiphane - Guitar
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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