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Furious Styles - Life Lessons (CD)

Furious Styles
Life Lessons
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 July 2007, 10:14 PM

When I got this album in my hands, I was sure only for one thing, that I had to do with a Hardcore band. I only got a CD with no case or something. As a result, I didn't even know how the cover looked like, did not have the track listing and did not even know the album's name. All I knew was this was the album of a band called FURIOUS STYLES. After I managed to leave my I am searching for some time to realize what the fuck this album is anger back, I sat down to listen to Life Lessons.

The band was formed in early 2005 by some friends. The band released a demo entitled Till The Wheels Fall Off and managed to tour with bands such as TERROR, HOODS and AIDEN to name a few. They achieved to sign a contract with Hand Of Hope Records later on, something that resulted in the release of their debut album Life Lessons.

FURIOUS STYLES are trying to mix two different kinds of music (hmmm, maybe not so different some times), Hardcore and Hip Hop. This results in the subgenre called Rapcore. While listening to Life Lessons, these guys reminded me of bands like STUCK MOJO, BIOHAZARD, BODYCOUNT and some MADBALL beatdown stuff. The production is heavy enough to make the music sound tougher than it normally is, and the whole sound is trying to deliver a 'macho' style. Regarding their composing skills, FURIOUS STYLES seem pretty good, if you also bear in mind that this is their debut effort. The rhythm section is as groovy as it should be and the guitars are spitting some really good riffs! The only thing that I can describe as negative regarding the band's music, is that the singer is trying to sound more than masculine and have this Hardcore brutality, but he doesn't seem able to do such a thing. I am sorry, but I have listened to much better voices.

Life Lessons is not an album that will stay in my CD player for a long time, neither it will be on my top list for 2007, but it is definitely a hell of a good album for the Rapcore genre and I am sure that such fans will like it. Now that I think about it, I may give it a second chance in the near future.

3 Star Rating

Smile Now… (Intro)
Round One
Time To Pay
Ain't Gonna Lie To Kick It
Mind Your Business
On Blast (D.W.C.)
Reality Check
Words Of A King
Born On The Outside
…Cry Later (Outro)
Meximike - Vocals
Harris - Guitar
Adam - Guitar
Tony - Bass
Young Smoke - Drums
Record Label: Hand Of Hope


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