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Furis Ignis – Decapitate the Aging World

Furis Ignis
Decapitate the Aging World
by Ben Gardiner at 08 March 2022, 9:27 PM

FURIS IGNIS are bringing pure black Metal back into style by returning to the rough and raw roots of the genre, from the production to the song writing, to the album cover and the anonymous conductor. From German label Iron Bonehead, the one-man band makes their debut with "Decapitate the Aging World" and it’s a fiery release full of excellent instrumentation, great song writing and character. The throwback to old school Black Metal is established from the get-go and the 40-minute length is a passage through time to the late 80s.

The album kicks off with “Witness the Nightsky Palpitating to the Beat of Premonition,” a furious, energetic track loaded with great Black Metal staples, crushing cymbals over fast paced drums, often unreadable tremolo guitar work, and a fantastic sounding synth. The vocals are urgent, panicked, they have a nice quality of sounding heavy and guttural without ever being harsh, and they know when to hold back and let the music do the talking.  Serene sections involve a much slower guitar, still deep and distorted, and plunking synth chords matched up to stabs of drums, the closest thing I can relate the synth sound to is a steel drum, its light pitch but weighty feel echoes over the track amazingly.

Guarding the Gate” is an impressive 13 minutes of next to non-stop blasting and tremolo, I was getting sore just listening to it. The first 8 minutes feel like a drill to the head with the nonstop drumming action, deceptive passages of half-time chords can sometimes make the music feel slower and calmer but the drums truly don’t stop. At that halfway mark the song morphs into different track entirely. The crunchy, bass heavy guitar sound signifies the shift into patient, Doom territory. What follows is a halftime crash and smash of deeply powerful and striking Black Metal

"Decapitate the Aging World" is a brilliant throwback album to early Black Metal, hitting all the right marks in terms of its ferocity and rawness, whilst still lending itself to some great delicate passages and atmosphere building, like the 4th track that acts as a bridge between two of the heavier tracks in the album. The synth sees some fantastic usage throughout that create the best sections, being the perfect counter to the natural, crash heavy drums with fantastic melodies. The guitar work is really nice, giving plenty of both tremolo and melodic riffs, often at the same time, there’s lots of variety to the sound, the deep crunchiness in track 3 and the hugely contrasting higher pitched solos in “C.B.M.G.3.”  the drums are consistent, never flashy bit always bringing the heaviness, and offering a decent amount of variety in both pace and style. The vocals are never grating, but still perfectly suited to the music, often times grounding the music when it gets chaotic. No one song stands out from the rest, but highly memorable moments are littered throughout, my favorite being the synth and drum sections in track one and the entire last half of “Guarding the Gate

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Witness the Nightsky Palpitating to the Beat of Premonition
2. Hostis Mundi
3. Guarding The Gate
4. Zinnen von Eis
5. C.B.M.G.3
6. Donner in den Bergen
Anon – All Instruments
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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