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Furnaze - None More Black

None More Black
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 December 2013, 1:59 PM

Out of the furnace and into the cold air outside. Like a swift bullet through the pain, though I don’t know the feeling, or possibly like the speed of light, again haven’t noticed it yet, but I believe that you are understand that I meant a pack load of high velocity, ridiculously rapidness, yet not the only thing. There is more to a Thrash Metal entity besides dashing around liked a speeding bullet, there is that feeling of turmoil, destructiveness but then there is conviction and determination. This particular trio based in the UK, following the name of FURNAZE, established their formation to enhance old school Thrash Metal into nowadays standards. You probably ask yourself what the hell are these standards anyway, well, that is a tough one though I sense that through the devotion showed on FURNAZE’s debut, “None More Black”, you will get a brighter picture about the true meaning of material principles. Spiraling through magnetic upbeats, FURNAZE took their Thrash Metal into the course of technical refinement, acknowledging EXODUS, ANNIHILATOR, DESTRUCTION and SLAYER as probably mentors for the unleashing of their fury upon the world.

Hunting and seeking throughout the album, for the first instance in quite a long time, I was emblazoned and awestruck by technical instrumental abilities of all parties, rather than the actual outcomes of the songs. Butchering with excessive rhythm guitar riffery akin to both Bay Area and German quality aggression that decimated my senses with its arty nature, FURNAZE also instigated massive harmonies and melodic licks of the highest order, these usually applied by ANNIHILATOR including a burst of a few IRON MAIDENish upstarts. Olivier Vermeersch proved himself an overwhelmingly shattering guitarist, which could have been rounded up with the best of them out there, especially with composing such riff articulations. Furthermore, conjuring classic oriented shred Meal soloing that had wouldn’t let my lower jaw back up due to amazement, a new Jeff Waters perhaps? For his vocals I have to admit that I cared less, as his lines appeared quite regular, and with a knack of being monotonous. Andie Cayne striding on the bass and Matija Novak mercilessly thrashing on the skins, heralded that there is a wrecking crew in this town, bashing and smashing, crafty and threatening.

Biting and teething the flesh like maniacs, FURNAZE created a fine Thrash Metal manifold, joining the vast see of the new wave of Thrash Metal, largely Americanized in its basis. “Fight” is a Thrash Metal mastery, easiest way to put it, such tantalizing diversity, loads of power surges that will consume you in a matter of moments. “None More Black” is a showmanship of rhythm guitar creativity and skillfulness, rhythm guitar fans rejoice. “Ghost Rider” lowers the speed outbursts into a mid tempo harmonizer with crude menace.  Though Vermeersch’s vocals influenced several of the songs to sound slightly anemic, along with a few arrangements and passages that appeared as mere fillers, the band lifts itself up with melodicism, methodological rhythm guitaring, excess baggage of soloing efforts and ruthlessly inclusive aura of recklessness and craze, FURNAZE is an exciting cracker to be noticed, therefore start the Thrash festivities everyone, this is the time to get cracking.  

3 Star Rating

1. Bending Time (Intro)
2. Breath in the Fire
3. Fresse
4. Ghost Rider
5. None More Black
6. 2012
7. Anger Flow
8. Mass Frustration
9. Ultimate Sacrifice
10. Fight
11. Unbound and Underground
12. CYA (Outro)
Andie Cayne – Bass
Olivier Vermeersch – Guitars /Vocals
Matija Novak - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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