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Fury - Born to Sin Award winner

Born to Sin
by Leanne "Metal Maiden" Evans at 03 February 2022, 3:33 PM

FURY never fail to impress, passionately delivering fistfuls of heavy metal power that nod to the old metal greats like MAIDEN and PRIEST yet brimming with their own identity. As regulars to the festival scene, the West Midlands metallers have always served up nothing short of brilliance at the likes of Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest – to name just a few – and have now created their fourth studio album, “Born to Sin” for us to enjoy. The ten-track full-length brings a mostly infernal offering, steering away from the last album’s (“The Grand Prize”) somewhat divisive – in the metal community at least - thematic of Motor Racing, opting to tell FURY’s tale of selling their souls to the devil for fortune and fame.

Right from the get-go, FURY unleash the hedonistic aspects of hell, thrusting them in your face in “If you get to Hell First”. All fired up, this roaring stomper is crammed with lascivious licks, catchy riffs and energy akin to the catalogue of MOTORJESUS. The burning pits of hell are raging in this full-pelt, steamy slice, nifty finger work in the tasty guitar solos acting like flames licking at your feet, even the vocals are simmering with sex, firing you up for dancing with the Devil himself. Drawing on more passional energy, “Nowhere to be Seen” brings a real thirst to the table, pouring heady riffs and energetic drums into the track, Julian’s vocals injecting melodic deliciousness that melts over you as you listen, and a particularly well-thought key-change thrusting some weighty emotion into the lyrics, too.

Thus far, “Born to Sin” powers through you and “Next in Line” is no different, delivering a weighty groove and heady bass work that lilts, pumping into the smattering of rasp and hungry growls of Julian’s noticeably darker vocals. There’s something about this track that pulls you to a “Touch of Evil” PRIEST vibe, and if you hadn’t created a wet patch on your seat before this track, you most certainly will do now! The crispness to the guitars, sultry output and biting chorus will tip you over the God damn edge. The album then moves into a darker feeling territory with bass-heavy brilliance in “Hell of a Night”, with rollicking energy and syrupy but orgasm-tinged backing vocals courtesy of Jade Marris, combined with more brutish and menacing male vocals, creating a ‘saint and sinner’ contrast that works perfectly. It’s these fun-filled, foot-tapping moments that FURY so brilliantly manifest through their work that make “Born to Sin” a pure joy to immerse yourself in.

The band have noticeably upped their game throughout the new release, capturing so many different nuances to satisfy ever rockers delight. “Who Are You” brings elements of a southern vibe to the table in the vein of BLACK STONE CHERRY, but with a fistful of aggression to boot. Tom delights with his tight, powering drum work, yet the flirtatious guitar lines and smooth, mellifluous female backing vocals softens something utterly testosterone fuelled. That testosterone I just mentioned? Well, “Sunrise” ups the ante with the rabidity of the drums, the muscular rhythm section powering like a bodybuilder with roid rage, serving up nothing short of a solid, high-voltage, head-banging belter! These incendiary tracks are intoxicating, having you thirsting for more of FURY’s flirtatious, furious brilliance! The heavy metallers ramp up even further in “It’s Rock ‘n Roll”, a meaty beast that’s ferocious, rambunctious and fun in a spirited W.A.S.P feeling way with all of Julian’s hearty, soul-filled tones belting through.

In the spirit of tradition, FURY feature a ballad on their release, with the woozy wonder of the enrapturing “Shadows and Dust”, creating the best set of aural ‘come to bed eyes’ EVER. From the blues-filled burning embers of pure sex that provocatively emit from the voluptuous output of the sensual guitars, mixed with the tinkering and tempting piano, and the alluring sensual contrast of the honeyed male and female vocals, I honestly feel that I could get pregnant from the stifling sexiness of this cut, literally laced with the most erotic soundscapes your ears will ever enjoy; this is “Fifty Shades of FURY”. Utter Filth. It’s hard to cool down from that, and frankly, made even more difficult by the playful bass in the spotlight of “Embrace the Demons” to kick things off, transpiring as another hooky and hellish slab of brilliance, with the equally mucky hunk of the title-track acting as the perfect (metaphorical) post-coital cigarette to bookend an absolute masterpiece of an album.

FURY have created a hellish, hard-rocking, adrenaline-fuelled full-length of brilliance, with lusty licks aplenty, relentless drumming and gloriously addictive riffs, combined with rock-solid vocals and plenty of rip-roaring moments. Fired-up with sonic sizzle, drenched in rollicking energy, yet intertwined with melodicism and delicate layered vocal harmonies, “Born to Sin” crafts the best aspects of hard rock and heavy metal combined and epitomises the true meaning of rock ‘n roll.

Set for release on the 18th March 2022, you can pre-order “Born to Sin” on and check out the full gig listings while you’re there!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. If You Get to Hell First
2. Nowhere to be Seen
3. Next in Line
4. Hell of a Night
5. Who Are You
6. Sunrise
7. It’s Rock ‘N Roll
8. Shadows and Dust
9. Embrace the Demons
10. Born to Sin
Julian Jenkins - Vocals, Guitar
Becky Baldwin - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jake Elwell - Lead Guitar
Tom Fenn - Drums
Nyah Ifill - Backing Vocals
Jade Marris - Backing Vocals (Hell of a Night)
Robin Fox - Piano, Organ (Shadows and Dust)
Matt Jones - Lead Guitar (Born to Sin)
Record Label: Independent


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