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Fury N Grace - A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe Award winner

Fury N Grace
A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe
by Jussi Gough at 04 May 2017, 1:21 PM

Italy, is known for it's food, wine, poetry and fine art but not only that but the fantastic music which brings us to today's act FURY N GRACE. One might best describe their sound like taking a walk into a beautifully obscure world with jagged corners of haunting imagery shimmering through the iridescence cave some call life. But there is more to this band that meets the listeners mental eye when hearing their third installment titled A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe. An complete album of perfectly created melodies that smash the surface of metal music with a twist of oddities making this a release perfection unto itself.

Starting out with their unique brand of obscurity metal song “The Ossuary” kicks into a groovy texture of chunky guitar chords and speedy drumming which vocalist Franciscus Campanella matches its fury. One thing that came into mind of Campanella's sound resembles that of vocalist Whitfield Crane of UGLY KID JOE meets MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine (Countdown To Extinction era). Campanella is a powerhouse indeed for his style matches this obscure metal sound that FURY N GRACE generates.

There are two songs on this album that are instrumental and shows a first glimpse of what each musician can create melodically. Song “Ultimate Weapon” displays an instrumental melodic bass tune which has a clean reverb effect that is stunning deep showing Christian "Nidhoggr" Grillo bass. Guitarist Matteo Carnio generates a tastefully dark blend of haunting chords that paint distorted images that are sweet with song “Dark Companions (To Ramsay Campbell)”. Songs are well placed between some power driven tracks that makes for a completed atmosphere. FURY N GRACE know what they were doing when making this album for each song speaks for itself. Professionally the entire band has a solid steadiness that is reached in every level with A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe.

Songs are catchy yet memorable despite it might feel like having vertigo while walking through a musical swamp of confusion at times. But that is what makes them unique and that is where their strength shines through. For example song “Gloria in Excelsis Baphometo” has that early TOOL (Lateralus) vibe with a dash of Devon Townsend (Ziltoid the Omniscient) to the mix. Great accomplishment for FURY N GRACE if you ask me. A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe is a stellar album overall and assisting in this are fellow guest performances by Fango DUmatt Gigerz, John Llewellyn Probert, Maurizio Savini, Davide Colombo, Federico Binelli, Gabriele Ferrario, D.F.Lewis, Matt Giuliani, Ian James Parker, Silvia Gadina, Marco Di Lucca and Marco Candela. Fantastic grade performances indeed. If you crave a musical intrigue that speaks intelligence yet baffles the mind then FURY N GRACE are just that.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Grand Guignol (It Takes Tragic Hearts to Believe in Tragic Monsters)
2. The Ossuary
3. Night of the Mandibles
4. Ultima Weapon
5. A Dream-Letter to the Witches of Western Europe
6. Dark Companions (To Ramsay Campbell)
7. Nuove frontiere del delitto
8. Gloria in Excelsis Baphometo
9. The Effects of Blackness Moderated
10.The Secrecy of Small Creatures with Six Legs
Franciscus Campanella - vocals
Matteo Carnio - guitars
Christian "Nidhoggr" Grillo - bass
Emiliano "Kiske Wrathlord" Bertossi - drums
Record Label: Underground Symphony


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