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Furyon - Lost Salvation Award winner

Lost Salvation
by MarcusTheRocker at 10 January 2015, 8:30 PM

Aside from all the writing I do for this website, I am also a student and my current place of study is the University of Brighton in, well, Brighton. The reason why I bring this up is I have heard that Brighton does have its own music scene but I've never really looked into it or heard anything from bands that are from the area where I study but that changed last year when I discovered the band FURYON.

In August of 2014, this Brighton band were set to embark on a summer tour across the UK with the band MORDRED and I was set to cover their hometown show at The Concorde 2 in Brighton on September 1st 2014 but after damaging his vocals during practice, singer Matt Mitchell was unable to sing on the tour so FURYON had to pull out of the tour but were soon replaced by the band KAINE and one of their members writes for this website. Soon after, FURYON disappeared from my radar for a while and I don’t know why as I did like their music from what I heard on Spotify but I never thought about listening to their music again for some bizarre reason but that changes today as I will be reviewing their brand new album “Lost Salvation” which is out in a couple of weeks time.

Following the success of their debut CD “Gravitas” which was released in 2012 and it received a large amount of praise from fans and critics alike, FURYON headed back into the studio in 2014 to record their second album which is ready to be unleashed upon the world. The new album entitled “Lost Salvation” follows the same formula as the debut album as the themes used are Melodic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. So does the new album sound as good if not better then the debut? Let us find out shall we?

Recorded in two studios on two continents in Atlanta, USA and their home town of Brighton, UK, the new album from FURYON is 10 tracks and 44 minutes or so of simple, no-nonsense balls to the wall Rock and Metal music and the opening track “All I Have” gives you a taster of what is to come and it gets this album off to a good start as all the ingredients are there and polished perfectly as everything sounds crisp and clear.

The crisp production continues throughout the rest of the record as you are treated to a glorious mixture of Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Metal with some tracks focusing on one of the two styles and some that seem to use both styles although what those songs are I will never know but it doesn't really matter as they are guaranteed to kick your ass.

Some of these kickass tunes include the title track “Lost Salvation”, the single “These Four Walls”, the halfway point track “Resurrect Me”, the slowed down but still kickass “What You Need” and the epic closing number “Wiseman”.

As mentioned, the production on this album is clean, clear and crisp as you get to hear every melody, chord, riff and word and all of this is made possible thanks to the heavy guitar riffs, the mental solos, the tight rhythm section that is the bass and the drums and last of all but not least the vocal performance which is very punchy, powerful and charismatic.

Anything to nitpick about? Nothing really that needs mentioning as the clean and crisp production overshadows any issues you may find with this record thanks to the powerful and punchy delivery of both the music and the vocals which will blow you away every time you listen to it.

Verdict time now and I had a feeling that I would enjoy this new album from FURYON and my feeling was right as it’s just as good as their amazing debut if not better and let me tell you, the moment they announce a tour which includes their home town of Brighton, I will be there front and center ready to report on it for this site while enjoying some kickass live music in the town where I study. Highly recommended if you like Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Metal music.

4 Star Rating

1. All That I Have
2. Lost Salvation
3. These Four Walls
4. Scapegoat
5. Resurrect Me
6. Left It With the Gods
7. Good Sky
8. Dematerialize
9. What You Need
10. Wiseman
Matt Mitchell - Vocals
Luca Faraone - Guitars
Tiago Rosado - Guitars
Alex "Nickel" Bowen - Bass
Lee Farmery - Drums
Chris Green - Guitars (Studio Musician)
Record Label: Dream Records


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