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Furze – Black Psych Tormentor

Black Psych Tormentor
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 31 December 2021, 10:32 AM

I had to turn to The Metal Archives to find any information about this Black Metal band once again. Originally formed in Norway in 1998, FURZE have released seven full-length albums and two EPs. “Black Psych Tormentor” is their third EP release and contains five tracks. “Natt-tur” leads off the album. It features clean and eerie guitar tones, for its under three-minute running time. “Zaredoo’s Knowledge” begins with some odd Black Metal tones as well as some muted production. The guitars carry much of the sound, which is almost free flowing in terms of what is presented. I would describe this as loosely Black Metal, mostly due to the vocals, but it’s strange, unique music in general.

“Tactics from Beyond” begins with a slower groove, with odd vocal shrieks amidst the smooth guitar riffs. This is some weird music for sure. I’m unsure what to make of it exactly. The title track is another strange offering, with amateur riffing and oddly unique music that doesn’t do too much for me. I just want the album to end at this point. Thankfully, it does, with “Powers of Darkness.” What the fuck am I actually listening to here? It’s like nails on a chalk board, screeching the hole way down until the end. Is this tongue-in-cheek music? I doubt it, but it almost seems to be the case.

They say this is Black Metal…if it wasn’t for the eerie vocal shrieks, I wouldn’t be too sure. The music is almost akin to Classic Heavy Metal, but the performance is amateur in nature. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much to the genre of Heavy Metal music as a whole. It’s strange and off-putting in many ways. Though he had a hold of the title for perhaps the most unique album of the year, it is pretty bad. No, it’s very bad. Skip this one for sure…it is beyond hopeless.

Songwriting: 1
Musicianship: 2
Memorability: 1
Production: 5

1 Star Rating

1. Natt-tur
2. Zaredoo's Knowledge
3. Tactics from Beyond
4. Black Psych Tormentor
5. Powers of Darkness
Woe J. Reaper – All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Apocalyptic Empire Records


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