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Massive - Full Throttle Award winner

Full Throttle
by Cami Kyttle at 18 August 2014, 6:16 AM

The new album “Full Throttle” from Australia based band Massive is amazing. The CD opens with "One by One" which begins with a fast moving beat that sucks the listener in. During the chorus, I pictured fists held high in the air chanting "One by One." This would definitely be a crowd involvement tune during live shows. I also really enjoyed the guitar solo towards the end. After listening to the entire album, I noticed these solos happen often, which is a good thing. The lead guitarist really gets to show off his amazing talent on this album, which really adds something special to each song.

One of the bonus tracks on this album "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)” shows that the lead singer has a rough, edgy sound that excels too. This is another song I can see that will bring in a lot of crowd participation.

The lead vocalist on this album has a unique style and sound that I really enjoyed. His voice catches the ear and brings the listener into an engaging sound which he coordinates with the rest of the band.

My favorite song on this album was "Dancefloor." Wow, does it live up to its name!! It showcases Massive's bass player right from the start and had me moving in my seat. The beat and lyrics of this tune are sure to get anyone up from their chair. It's extremely catchy, especially the chorus. The chorus boasts, "We got the motherfuckin' dancefloor…we gonna rock until the encore…so turn it up because we want more." These lyrics easily stuck in my head and had me singing along before the song ended.

As a band, Massive works extremely well together.  Each member has a unique talent that is very recognizable upon listening. It is also refreshing that this band showcases these individual talents to the listeners. I have no doubt that this band could be headlining their own tour and could sell the place out.

5 Star Rating

1. One By One
2. Hollywood
3. Big Trend Setter
4. Dancefloor
5. Lacey
6. Ghost
7. Burn the Sun
8. Bring Down The City
9. Now or Never
10. Best of Both Worlds
11. Full Throttle
12. Halo or the Gun
13. Same Old Story
14. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
15. Rats in the Cellar
Brad Marr – Vocals, Guitar
Ben Laguda - Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar
Aidan McGarrigle - Backing Vocals, Bass
Jarrod Medwin - Backing Vocals, Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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