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The Omega Experiment - Self-Titled

The Omega Experiment
by Angela "The Hunter" at 18 March 2013, 5:20 PM

Hail Templars! I have the unique opportunity to review an album of a band that hails from my home state, Michigan. THE OMEGA EMPERIMENT comes to us from Muskegon, MI, another lakeshore tourist trap that I both love and hate, but that’s a rant for another day. As a Progressive Rock band, their sound is saturated with layers of keyboard samples, vocals, guitar, keyboards, vocals… well you get the idea. It’s like an audible 7 layer salad that your aunt made for some family get together, but didn’t puss out at the seventh layer. Oh no, she took it to the next level, the results being, well, questionable.

Now granted, I normally do not listen to Progressive Metal, much less Progressive Rock. It’s just not a genre that finds a home along my musical journey. I find the vast amounts of key work and sampling to be overdone to the point of annoying, while the dubious amounts of vocal layers are far too perfect, which is hard to replicate during live shows (relax RUSH fans, I am fully aware some bands can pull it off.. but no I’m still not a RUSH fan.) I cannot speak to the quality of THE OMEGA EMPERIMENT’s live shows, but I can on my listening experience.  And? It wasn’t half bad.

The album, as a whole, was recorded exceptionally well.  Everything was balanced and solid, with vocals that are bright, but not overbearing. Nicely done. There really isn’t a stand out track, in my opinion that shows cases that more than "Karma". The lyrics are intelligent, and we even got a few growling screaming here and there, most notably on "Furor". The guitar work is layered so closely with the keys that I don’t think they contribute as much to sound as what they could, including the bass. Drums were pretty mild, but practical. I guess that may be the best word to describe the band’s sound, practical. For a rating, I’d say 6 out of 10. Until next time, stay well, and live free friends! Cheers!!

3 Star Rating

1. The Gift
2. Stimulus
3. Motion
4. Tranquility
5. Furor
6. Bliss
7. Karma
8. Terminus
9. Paramount
Dan Wieten – Guitars / Vocals / Bass / Drum Programming / Production / Engineering / Samples
Ryan Aldrige – Keyboards / Samples
Matt Ryan - Bass
Record Label: Listenable Records


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