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Gabriele Bellini - Evolution (CD)

Gabriele Bellini
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 October 2009, 4:52 PM

First of all, I want to say that there are guest musicians featured in this album, but the list was so long that I even got tired by reading it. The fact is that every instrumental album is full of guests so, I thought that whoever is interested in this work will manage to find out. By the way, why was I assigned with an instrumental album by a guitarist in the first place?
The Italian maestro Gabriele Bellini has participated in many musical projects and as it seems the press has given him great reviews. His new offering Evolution seemed kind of intriguing after what I read in many magazines and webzines so I thought about giving this album a chance to prove its worth.

Was I given the wrong album though? Because Evolution doesn't seem like a release that would amaze fans and critics! Even though I am not a fan of instrumental stuff and especially solo releases by guitarists, I own many such albums and I have been a fan of specific musicians. Allow me to say that Gabriele Bellini's experiment doesn't seem to work. Evolution seems like an album that strives to find its own identity, being lost somewhere between many different sounds. The Hard Rock tunes are being mixed with virtuosic stuff and fusion touches, as well as more experimental ideas and the listener is like he's facing a black hole. Total chaos!

I listened to the album many times, trying to understand what's the idea behind Evolution, but every single time I ended up being like stoned or something from the chaotic compositions I came across. The thing is that it is more than obvious that Bellini is a skilled musician, but my humble opinion is that he should focus on finding a more personal style.

It is a definitely weird and definitely not Metal album, so I guess it would be kind of unfair to rate it. I said my opinion and what's left is you make up your own mind. I guess that people who have to check him out will do it…

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Gabriele Bellini - Guitar
Jonathan Cencini - Bass
Adriano Tognarini - Drums
Record Label: Lost Sound Records


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