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Galaxy - Lost From The Start Award winner

Lost From The Start
by Quinten Serna at 11 September 2019, 9:31 PM

It was Ronnie James Dio who said that Metal Music was bigger than life itself, something that doesn’t apologize for the music it makes and just as music transcends the borders of language and location, so too does it so aptly define those who set about creating music for the passion of the craft. GALAXY is a long way for a few, coming from Australia this band does more than just carry a tune or help to pass some time, much rather their greatest endeavors are the variety and diversity of perspectives from the wide array of lyrical topics to the unique onset of the soundscape, “Lost From the Start,” is the culmination of different influences and revered genres.

The album starts with an instrumental introduction named, “Traveller,” a sad and spacious composition played entirely sans drums and voice. “Dreaming Out” begins hurriedly leaving no room for recovery wherein each instrument makes their debut commencing with a small rhythm before the drums diverge, the other guitar plays a shrill lead, and the vocals coming in with wailing harmonies. “Sons of Titan” leans more towards the vein of Speed Metal and carries with it a somber set of lyrics concerning a coming of age story revolving around celestial bodies and their journey “beyond the rings of Saturn.” “Paradise Divide” is by far the oddest song upon the EP almost being an instrumental as the vocals are more spacious and operatic save for the closing lines. The title track and ending song “Lost from the Start” is the longest song on the EP and within that time frame covers a large range of musical dynamics and ideas changing its progression more than a few times.

The instruments were recorded and performed in supreme fidelity with each guitar feeling it has its own voice, the bass providing a solidified backbone, the drums meeting the band without overpowering the strings or being too quiet for any clarity, and the voice cuts through every instrument without taking away from the band whatsoever. The vocals are a weird and distinct oddity that ties in the rest of the instruments in a unique soundscape being soft and feathery in one passage then immediately rolling into a shrill and powerful scream within the same breath; it’s as though there are equal parts King Diamond influences as there are Jeff Buckley in Phillip T. King’s voice.

Lost from the Start” works well as a debut from GALAXY, showcasing their talents and aptitude all confined within a 22 minute EP. From the bastion of Heavy Metal to the biting torrents of Speed Metal GALAXY meets in the middle and radiates from all around delivering Thrashing and headbanging riffs one right after the other.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Traveller
2. Dreaming Out
3. Sons of Titans
4. Paradise Divide
5. Lost from the Start
Tim Anderson - Bass
Joel Taylor - Drums
Stuart Callinan - Guitars
Cam Roberts - Guitars
Phillip T. King - Vocals
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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