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Galderia - Endless Horizon Award winner

Endless Horizon
by Bruno Diniz at 27 December 2022, 4:07 AM

Arriving at their third Full-length-album entitled "Endless Horizon" the band GALDERIA was founded by Seb in September 2006, in Marseille, France.  Seb, who handles lead vocal duties, guitars and songwriting, was joined in the adventure by Tom (Lead guitar), Bob (Bass guitar), Julien (Keyboard) and Jc (Drums).  In their new work the quintet brings a melodic Power Metal with emphasis on choir harmonies and arrangements. The experience gained by performing on stages of Europe along the years is present and felt on a refined way to reach the listeners and be very carefully in every detail. Regarding the mixing and mastering both are very good and well-worked, also liked the album cover, that fits very well for the genre.

The album is ten tracks and forty-four minutes long and begins with "Answer The Call”, an excellent composition, which shows a very melodic gait, it is possible to be transported to a spiritual journey with small pauses for reflection at a mind-blowing pace. Next up we go ahead to “Striking The Earth” that with an even faster pace of continuity to opener, although simple and short the chorus here draws a lot of attention mainly for the beautiful work performed by the leads guitars. “Elation" is a very lively song that brings a tone of happiness to intense work, in it we can find elements more connected to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, even though the Spirit Power is still present. “Eternal Paradise” slow down a bit to be the first ballad of the album, this track features a very traditional melody and an interesting introduction.

Burning Higher" makes a travel in time back to 80's with a nice keyboard intro this song is very enjoyable keeping in the same tone throughout its duration. "Endless Horizon" song that bears the name of the album has the beautiful addition of a female voice, in its beginning, is perhaps the best composition of the work with its wonderful chorus, even if not very fast, it is easy to find yourself banging your head unintentionally.  "Twenty One" is another ballad that closes a beautiful and transcendent journey through the Galderia's new album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Answer The Call
2. Striking The Earth
3. Elation
4. Eternal Paradise
5. Gonna Change It All
6. Come With Me Now
7. Burning Higher
8. Endless Horizon
9. Heart Of Mankind
10. Twenty One
Seb – Lead Vocals
Tom - Lead Guitar
Bob - Bass Guitar
Julien - Keyboards
Jc -  Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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