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Galley Beggar – Silence & Tears

Galley Beggar
Silence & Tears
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 24 July 2015, 5:35 PM

From the get go I knew this wasn't going to be an extreme Metal band I usually elite myself to, admittedly, but I am open to new music and new types of genres. We have here a Folk Rock band GALLEY BEGGAR who at first I wondered why this was asked to be reviewed because they are really not Metal much but more just a calm Rock band who implement this very well. Us extreme Metal fans will need an open mind to enjoy this great rocker and I did just that. Hailing from England, London and Kent to be exact, this original band give off a nice aroma of chilled out music that really is nothing more than an enjoyable listen. No gimmicks, just all out talent with a mixture of instrumentation, it's not KORPIKLANNI but more a chilled out version.

Despite the less metalized brutality I'm so used to which yes indeed, listening to this made me feel a bit awkward, but then it got better and it grew on me with only one listen making me realize I don't have to subject myself to just Metal. Heh. While I see the enjoyment this music gives out, at times it felt more like a concept album, at times a simple one, but with great vocals with “Adam And Eve” I already fell in love with that vocal structure, mostly being a single guitar riff at the beginning, it progresses into a sort of calming solo with a range of instrumental value including violins, and I wouldn't say drums (but they are there) but more like bongos I'd say? Which gets faster and pumps me up a little.

More tracks in we have similar outcomes with “Pay My Body Home” starts off slowly,really exposing those great vocals, the reason I say concept album earlier is the slowness of the album, but I think it's more to do with the fact that it's Folk Rock and I'm not used to that. I agree that this kind of music need a new ear to in order for a newcomer to fully appreciate a new genre, while it might not be for me (in a religious sense) it'll certainly make me appreciate it with respect. The rest of the album gets so much better though. It starts off calmly but it carries on with more atmosphere and helps with the bass work too, more actual drums kick in with “Empty Sky” and more catchiness with “Jack Orion” with a faster tone and a more positive outcome, drums and bongos return in a fusion and this is probably the catchiest song on the album as I dive into the half way point. Heavy Bass tones really help jam you.

I must admit this felt like a weird album to review for Metal Temple but that's what is great about Metal Temple, an open mind for most music we specialize in and the more open you are as an individual the more power to you and for everyone else. In the end, if you are looking for a more calm, less angry listen, give this band a go, they are great for something new which admit it, we Metalheads do need something new now and then. As a music fan of almost all genres, this record “Silence & Tears” is a lesson in appreciation for what bands give us and shouldn't be overlooked just because of Metal. Definitely something for pub music too. Nonetheless, this is for sure a different approach for us Metalheads but give it a go on behalf of me, because after listening just a few times I was enjoying myself with it, being a Thrasher I was surprised I'd like this new piece of organic substance. Worth a go.

4 Star Rating

1. Adam And Eve
2. Pay My Body Home
3. Empty Sky
4. Jack Orion
5. Geordie
6. Silence & Tears
7. Sanctuary Song
8. Deliver Him
Maria O'Donnell ­ - Vocals
Celine Marshall ­ - Violin
David Ellis – Guitars & Mandolin
Mat Fowler – Guitars, Mandolin & Vocals
Paul Dadswell – Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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