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Gallhammer - III Innocence (CD)

III Innocence
by Yiannis Doukas at 22 October 2007, 4:55 PM

I guess most of you out there are not familiar with the name GALLHAMMER, eh? Well, this is a crime for your ear peace if your taste is within extreme metal. These sweet ladies from Tokyo formed their band in 2003 and after some demo and some covers (one is of AMEBIX, yes I'm not joking) released their first epic opus named Gloomy Lights. I don't know what was its distribution outside Japan and how many listened to this album, but for me it was something like an apocalypse. From the first song Endless Nauseous Days the surprise turned into a big shock. From the production, the vocals to their riffs and this cold, sad, desperate feel made my psychic mood going below the bottom. This album is really the best mix between HELLHAMMER and AMEBIX; a real killer. I'll not extend it more, besides this is not a review for this album.
Some rotten ears heard this name and decided to offer a deal to GALLHAMMER and this year we saw the release of The Dawn Of … which was plenty of demo recordings, rehearsals plus a bonus DVD with some live appearances in Japan. With all these it's easy for someone to say that III Innocence is like a debut for the rest of the world.
Why GALLHAMMER looks to me so different and so good? I believe the major fact is that this band has nothing to do with the (at least) 60% of the current plastic scene. They play from their hearts, their pain, their agony and pessimism/sadness/madness is above their songs. That's the difference. GALLHAMMER express their self through music with purity and 'cause there is a need to be done.
The sad behind this story is that most of the audience stands upon their sex, which is completely stupid. I don't understand why women cannot feel emotions like men. Anyway, these women are more fucking metal than many other shit. And they have also t-shirts like CELTIC FROST and AMEBIX. AMEBIX motherfuckers!
Let's continue with a music presentation of the album. The first two songs were also in the The Dawn Of… CD, so many have already heard them. At The Onset Of The Age Of Despair is a desperate scream upon mankind full of sadness and doom. Speed Of Blood really kills me. Along with Ripper The Gloom and Killed By The Queen they are pure HELLHAMMER tunes, were crust meets black metal with BURZUM-ish vocals. Drum parts on the last one are full of adrenaline with some playing like the end is coming near. If someone don't likes these songs and claims that he is a fan of extreme metal, I think it should be better to check the last SAMAEL albums!
Blind My Eyes is full of AMEBIX 'aura', a smell that also keeps this punk-sadness that this glorious band had. Delirious Daydreamer is like you have swallowed some drugs long ago after their expiring day. Ashes World reminds me a lot of the Endless Nauseous Days's first riff but I am afraid that is a level beyond; of course, this doesn't make it a bad song. The other three ones are more doom-ish and mental crushing. Last Scary Dream is like an attempt from them to do something close to the Color Of Coma.
GALLHAMMER are doing a European tour this moment, and (really) I would give anything to see them. I hope one day their road will pass from Greece. The white color is here again, like the Gloomy Lights expressing innocence, but beware 'cause deep inside something hides in very dark dungeons.

4 Star Rating

At The Onset Of The Age Of Despair
Speed Of Blood
Blind My Eyes
Delirious Daydreamer
Ripper The Gloom
Killed By The Queen
Song Of Fall
Ashes World
Last Scary Dream
Vivian Slaughter - Vocals, Bass
Risa Reaper - Drums, Vocals
Mika Penetrator - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Peaceville Records


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