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Galloglass - Heavenseeker (CD)

by Michael Dalakos at 14 November 2005, 8:34 AM

Galloglass return with their second album, Heavenseeker, that has a kick-ass front cover and more kick-ass music. Fans of German Power Metal here's your Eden to lay and rest forevermore! I still recall that their first album caught my attention with its inspired music and the exceptional use of… the violin!
Galloglass hails from Hanover, its members have been part of acts like Serpent Moves, Desolation and Progeria. Their Demo tape managed to get them a deal with the known I must have all Power Metal bands in the world in my roster LMP label. Their debut in 2003, Legends From Now And Nevermore, was indeed a very interesting piece of work that made a lot of people turn once again their attention towards such acts.
Well, their new album, Heavenseeker, is a much more mature piece of work that will impress the listener with its flashy and furious guitar work, the definitely improved vocal performance of Carsten Frank, the bombastic production, the multileveled compositions. Yeah, it contains some of the cliches of the genre but they are politely set without annoying anyone. There is an extensive use of a choir; a cool thing about Galloglass is that where others throw in tons of keyboards upon their works, these guys keep the keyboards quite concealed most of the time while they wisely use the violin (a smart move I have to say). The fact that Curran Murphy (ex-Nevermore, Annihilator) and Jeff Waters (Annihilator) have a small participation with solos in this work can't be considered irrelevant of the band's exceptional work.
There will be a limited version including a 100 minutes long DVD with fragments from live shows, making of the new album and other stuff. Definitely a really interesting purchase for the fans of the genre.

4 Star Rating

Burden of Grief
After Forever
Perished In Flames
Dawn of A New Age
Banished From Eternity
At The Shadowcross
To Kneel Is To Suffer
Beyond The Mirror
Kings Who Die
Carsten Frank - Vocals
Dirk Zelmer - Bass
Arnd Lorenz - Drums
Kai Mohlenbruch - Guitar
Norbert Geiseler - Guitar
Record Label: LMP


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