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Galvanizer – Prying Sight Of Imperception

Prying Sight Of Imperception
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 23 August 2021, 6:45 AM

GALVANIZER is a Finnish death metal band who formed in 2013.  “Prying Sight Of Imperception,” is their second full length album.  They have also released two demos and an EP. What happens when a band plays old school Finnish death metal, mixed with a little grind and melody for good measure?  You get GALVANIZER’sPrying Sight Of Imperception,” and a non stop burner of an album. This is a seriously energetic album; an underground, raw, extreme album that never forgets to focus on the sweet spots of the genre while still having solid, furious songs.  The guitar tone is absolutely deadly, the bass thumps, grooves, and crushes its way through the song while being provided rhythmic foundation with the crisp and impenetrable drumming.  And the vocals?  As filthy as I expected!

If you’re familiar with this style then musically you know what you are going to get.  GALVANIZER has tight musicianship and all the three members feed off each other.  There isn’t anything progressive or technical about this album.  It is just old school bliss with a focus on tearing down everything around and ripping up any survivors. As I mentioned before, the atmosphere and style of the band is raw and powerful but the production doesn’t suffer for their sound.  Instead, the band makes the production work for them by letting all these dirty elements shine which makes them sound even more badass because I can hear every little nasty detail.

The album is ten tracks and a blistering thirty-two minutes long so the band wastes little time in going for the throat and every second is used for the sole purpose of death fucking metal.  The short runtime is perfect for their sound and it also allows for multiple listens without stagnation settling in, as if that was a problem regardless.  I’m not sure how an album like this could be boring but I’m sure there are people out there without any taste.

The album opens with “The Sanquine Legacy,” a short intro made up of ambient, creepy noises and spoken word passages.  This sets the mood and also happens to be the only track that doesn’t bludgeon your face.   As far as intro goes, it is okay but the real magic is about to start. “Servants Of The Scourge,” begins with blazing speed and roaring riffs.  Within seconds the band is already a nonstop battering ram, letting some of their grind influence shine.  That famous old school groove is up next and at this point I’m not sure what else the band can do be even heavier.  But then I eat my words when the drums double down on their focus and the barking death growls kick in.

The lead guitar slides out from the chaos around the 2:06 mark before the growls get even more brutal. The groove latches on for one final romp before the song ends. Want to know the audio equivalent of having your head squeezed until it pops?  The huge riffs of “The Inexorable,” do just that.  Vili and Aleksi may not be flashy but they do something more important which is craft riff after riff.  This song really nails the perpetual brutality of grind and the old school sensibilities of Finnish death metal.  The subtle use of keyboards around the 2:00 minute mark is a nice touch as is the use of melody in the guitars.  This isn’t melodic like Gothenburg sound or anything but it is a different contrast from the other parts of the song—and it fits in well and adds some dimension to their sound.

Chthonic Profanation,” is one of the longest tracks on the album at 4:41.  The band knows when to lean harder into their death metal side than their sometimes more grind approach so the runtime isn’t tiring and is actually welcomed.  They prove they can handle songs with bigger skeletons  and allows them to flesh out their sound more. Aside from a few growls, the death metal flows for over a minute before vocals kicked in.  I like this because they go from straight fire for the opening and then it feels like an explosion once the vocals arrive.  The mid section is pummeling, especially the drums which are just killing it.  The riffs afterwards bring in slight melodic tinges in which the bass plays off from for a fantastic speedy section that flows naturally into the final moments of the song which use keyboards for a little theatrical show.

The groove is immediately satisfying on “The Ever-Cresent,” and I found myself headbanging like it is 1991.  This song just doesn’t let up and is a powerful example of the correct way of a modern band playing OSDM.  Just when I thought the song couldn’t get more devastating, it doubles down and pushes past the sound barrier.  Once again, the band cleverly uses melody to get its points across as the song winds down in a flurrying of drums.

Grotesque Devotion,” is indeed a nasty song with sick vocals and a low end that is a constant hammer drop.  Even at high speeds where there can be no room for mistakes, Nico is ever vigilant at providing a foundation that holds all this craziness up while still ripping things up on his own. Also, I’m pretty sure someone is murdered at the end of the song.  That’s cool. The last track, “Of Flesh Unknown,” is the longest on the album with a run time of 5:36.  As with “ Chthonic Profanation,” the band is very adapt at using longer tracks to expand their sound and form.  I hope in the future they include more like this because this is my favorite track on the album believe it or not.

The cadence of the vocals is great and fits into whatever happens in the song.  Those first riffs in the opening moments are slick as hell and all the pieces of the track are well put together, one giant flow machine of death metal supremacy. The guitar solo has that older, vintage feel to it and, just like everything else, it comes and out of this wormwood ridden beast with ease.  The passage afterwards shows the band is always able to come up with new forms of heavy without going overboard.  The last minute and a half or so is epic: a wonderfully melodic solo and light keyboard usage that comes together to ride out the rest of the journey.  I love it and it makes me giddy in ways that it shouldn’t.

GALVANIZER’sPrying Sight Of Imperception,” is a searing, sterling mixture of grind and death metal that isn’t afraid to use melody when needed.  The longer tracks prove they have even more to offer and I can’t wait to see what else they can give us in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Sanguine Legacy
2. Servants of the Scourge
3. The Inexorable
4. Blaze from Within
5. Chthonic Profanation
6. Ground Above
7. Dia de muertos
8. The Ever-Crescent
9. Grotesque Devotion
10. Of Flesh Unknown
Vili Mäkinen - Bass, Vocals, Guitars
Aleksi Vähämäki - Drums, Vocals, Guitars
Nico Niemikko - Drums
Record Label: Me Saco Un Ojo Records


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