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Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes

Gama Bomb
The Terror Tapes
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 01 April 2013, 8:32 PM

Northern Ireland's citizen brain dead bangers GAMA BOMB are back after a four year hiatus, now signed to AFM Records. You have to wonder if they have created the songs to snuff out their competition. One must hope that they are not just blowing smoke like their willing foes. For now in the midst of so many Thrash clones shitting themselves to live, these spaced invaders are now striving to survive as the fastest bullet belt wearing U.K. crazy moshers around. They now do so proudly with the loud declaration of “The Terror Tapes”.

I feel they have the right stuff and deserve to pronounce the sentence to Thrash. Like a wrecking ball from outer space they explode with terror, scoping out the possibilities, ready again to bring down the hammer slammer. They started the fire, and now once the smoke clears prepare for the invasion!

 The album begins will a full-on slam anthem “The Wrong Stuff”. Then, “Legends Of Speed” may get you unbelievably high. “Backwards Bible” has some interesting scatting at the tail end with its description of demonology. If survival is option then, all flesh must be eaten, at least before F.K.Ü. show up to the beggar’s banquet.

Lyrically they still have a silly sense of humour, and they are cleverly spinning some strange and bizarre mutually assured distractions. Their wit is intact and well-timed with “Beverly Hills Robocop”, a noble servant who prevents crime by serving the public with vehemence and force, even if it costs him an arm and a leg. At least you can dial 911 or 90210! The 666% lethal single “Terrorscope” includes the Classical music of “Sabre Dance”. Meanwhile a remonstrating track like “Metal Idiot” with words spoken so rapidly that it is almost too difficult to keep up, surely will placate the Crossover fanatic.

I must also comment on the musicianship. I am often reminded of ARTILLERY, PARADOX, SOOTHSAYER, and D.A.M. And, of course TANKARD. The guitars are fast, and the solos are seriously intensified. Philly's cheesy whine and whimper are unique, yet his slightly evil voice penetrates like a stake through your heart, and there is no Hardcore aftershock. He bellows and sings very fast, but he does not miss a beat. Paul Caffrey's drums are at risk of disturbing the peace and homeostasis. GAMA BOMB performs with a refined but belligerent and inebriated pulsating rhythm and pace which levels the competition. Guys, we respect you!

3 Star Rating

1. The Wrong Stuff
2. Legend of Speed
3. Backwards Bible
4. Beverly Hills Robocop
5. Smoke the Blow with Willem Dafoe
6. We Started the Fire
7. Terrorscope
8. The Cannibals Are in the Streets - All Flesh Must Be Eaten
9. Shitting Yourself to Live
10. Matrioshka Brain
11. Metal Idiot
12. Wrecking Ball
Philly Byrne – Vocals
Domo Dixon – Lead Guitars
John Roche – Rhythm Guitars
Joe McGuigan – Bass, Vocals
Paul Caffrey – Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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