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Gama Bomb - Untouchable Glory Award winner

Gama Bomb
Untouchable Glory
by V.Srikar at 27 September 2015, 8:33 PM

Some bands emerge from nowhere, and energize a dying genre, and GAMA BOMB, along with a few of their contemporaries, have been the front runners of the new wave of Thrash Metal that brought us bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, MERCILESS DEATH, F.K.U, EVIL INVADERS, etc. While I know that majority of the Metal community believe that Thrash is dead, and modern Thrash bands lack innovation and creativity, these bands have time and again proved that it takes a little more effort to find gems in a small community like ours. So veteran British Thrashers released their 5th full-length album “Untouchable Glory” this October 30th, so let’s dig this.

GAMA BOMB has always managed to make a lasting first impression and create curiosity of the fan due to the album cover arts of their past and present albums. The album starts with a fast paced, weirdly named “Ninja Untouchables Untouchable Glory”. For seasoned fans of the genre and the band, it is the usual sound, but has better production sound, and also the backing vocals seem to be bang on (listen to the “ooh”s and “aah”s) something that I hardly find in any modern Thrash bands. The sound slightly also feels like Speed Metal, and the vocals are commendable, as the lyrics flow very fluently through the mouth of Philly Byrne. “Avenge Me” brings in fast paced finger moment driven riffs, and Philly even ends up almost singing a Punk song there. But all in all it’s mostly a fun song. The album paces well enough to keep you interested, as the guitar work is what mostly differentiates each song here, and the band leaves no room for air to breathe, as it’s fast paced and rushes almost like train that has lost its breaks!. “My Evil Eye” differentiates itself with the trademark signature main riff. If the madness so far wasn’t enough, Philly sings some haphazard lyrics at fast pace in the funnily named “Tuck Your T-Shirt In”, almost sounding punkish at times, but still managing to make sense out of the madness. As the album progresses, you realize how the drums and the bass play a very important supporting role here. The drumming by Paul Caffrey forms the backbone for the song structure throughout the album, as is the case usually with this kind of music.  What’s most impressive about this record here is that GAMA BOMB seems to have managed to keep the song writing innovative, yet simple. The lyrics in the record are mostly casual and funny and vary between smoking weed to motivational, so that’s a little hard to follow. The album ends with an under 3 min song in “After The Fire”, which though doesn’t offer anything new, still manages to keep me interested.

While “Untouchable Glory” doesn’t really write history or reinvent the wheel, the veterans manage to tick almost all the boxes for me. It’s albums like this that make me want to review more and more Thrash albums. GAMA BOMB is already legends in the new wave of Thrash scene, and this album is going to prove any detractors wrong. While it doesn’t have the ability to attract metalheads outside the Thrash sub-genre, the album should please the seasoned Thrash connoisseur.

P.S. Again look out for those crazy lyrics, which you might have to struggle to catch the words. 

4 Star Rating

1.Ninja Untouchables Untouchable Glory
2. Avenge Me
3. Drinkers Inc.
4. My Evil Eye
5. Tuck Your T-Shirt In
6. Ride The Night
7. She Thing
8. Witching Mania
9. James Joints
10. Raging Skies
11. I Will Haunt You
12. After The Fire
Philly Byrne - Vocals
Domo Dixon - Lead Guitar
John Roche - Lead Guitar
Joe McGuigan - Bass, Vocals
Paul Caffrey - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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