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Gang - All For One

All For One
by David Ballesteros at 28 November 2018, 3:23 PM

Hailing from northern France, trad-metalers GANG have conjured up a cornucopia of metal tunes that are sure to cater to most metalhead’s needs. Having released their last full length album “Inject the Venom” back in 2014, GANG continue to churn away and have released “All for One” via Under Investigation. First off, this album features many guest musicians and each offering something different to contribute. With that being said, this is an absolute mammoth of an album and GANG make it clear they know how to throw their weight (heavy metal?!) around effortlessly.

Album opener “The Almighty” is a throwback to 80’s doom and traditional metal. With nearly CANDLEMASS-like vocals, Bill clearly has command of his voice and showcases it on entirety of “All for One”. “The Legend” is a NWOBHM inspired gem which features Thierry Tripenne of Spirit providing a solo. Mid-paced throughout with some killer guitar riffs not so wildly different than BURZUM's “War”. “Another Tomorrow” is another doom laden song that morphs into something more along the lines of JUDAS PRIEST. “Warchild” takes inspiration from JUDAS PRIEST but here GANG put their own twist on it. Steve and Biggy throwing down some mega-chunky riffs that would make Jon Shaffer of ICED EARTH proud. Outstanding vocals by Bill, however this time with the assistance of Katerina Xanthou (R.U.S.T.X.). Easily one of the highlights of the album.

Follow the Sign” featuring a guitar solo from Steve Morrisson (Tysondog), is arguably the best song on the album. Possibly considered the “ballad” of the album, “Follow the Sign” dives into 80’s metal with a splash of power metal. Bill’s vocals again are tremendous and deliver an insanely catchy chorus. Sure to be a crowd favorite. The title track “All for One” is an epic in every sense of the word. Clearly inspired by IRON MAIDEN but make no mistake, GANG very much stand on their own ground here. Galloping riffs and drums litter this massive track, and once again, Bill’s vocal performance is impeccable. Special guests on track “All for OneFabrice Fourgeaud (Attentat Rock), and Betov (ADX) guitar solos, Stephane Sauvage (Ed Hunter and Last Prophecy) adding bass, and finally Tony Dolan (Venom Inc.) adding some additional vocals. Album closer “Save Me” has some Dio inspired riffs that never gets boring. Malo’s drums are on point here and keep a steady pace. Definite sing along chorus that will be another crowd favorite.

Overall, GANG have released a fist-pumping, head-banging, beast of an album in “All for One”. Bill’s vocal abilities are on clear display and take the show. I am very excited to see this band grow and progress as they have the potential to blow up worldwide. This is a must listen to for fans of NWOBHM, thrash metal, traditional metal, 80’s doom, IRON MAIDEN, and JUDAS PRIEST.

Songwriting- 8
Memorability- 9
Originality- 7
Production- 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Almighty
2. The Legend
3. Another Tomorrow
4. Lord Tell Me
5. The Devil In Me
6. Warchild
7. Follow The Sign
8. All For One
9. Save Me
Bill - Lead Vocals
Steve - Lead Guitars
Biggy - Lead Guitars
Philty - Bass
Malo - Drums
Record Label: Underground Investigation


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