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Garden Of Worm - Idle Stones

Garden Of Worm
Idle Stones
by Gil Lecht at 23 February 2015, 9:52 PM

GARDEN OF WORM is a three-piece Finnish Doom Metal band. Formed in 2003 by former members of local progressive rock groups - the trio has decided to focus on simple and basic doom metal - thus was born GARDEN OF WORM. Since then, the band has released a few EPs and a well-received self-named album in 2010, right after that the band went into hiatus. Right into 2015 the band will release “Idle Stones” after the long period of silence - and along with the band - this album has matured well into its release.

Hazy and comforting Doom Metal vibes gently swirls and mixes with old folky rock and takes you into a easygoing and unhurried tour - this carousel is going round and round, leading to mostly nowhere - because it doesn’t need to rush anywhere, taking its time slowly. This album doesn’t rush you into any intense solos - it slowly eases into heavy riffs and into proggy parts and into psychedelic parts and into slow and almost idle parts and always keeps a comforting hug around you. From the more slow “Fleeting are the Days of Man” the album goes to the more progressive - and even weird “Summer's Isle”. The album doesn’t need much distortion to sound heavy - The slow thrashing of the cymbals along with the warm, thick, syrupy sound of the guitars will still make your neighbors think you are worshiping the devil. “Desertshore” features brighter guitar tones with heavy tremolos - still at first gear like the previous songs - there is more of a watery, washy kind of atmosphere to this song. This album slides more into hard rock then doom, but still keeps its properties. In the middle of the song the band starts to go faster - singing in unison - the drums thrash and the guitar’s thick sound pulls you into its orbit. “The Sleeper including Being Is More Than Life” starts with the already foreseen Doom-Metal-Staple church bell and keeps with its funeral-ish, dramatic and gloomy thickness, the guitars roar and the drums slowly and lazily follow. The singer joins them with his eulogy.

This album might be slow going, but it is a very mature and emotional release. It doesn’t take you anywhere to excite you because it wants to, the album opens up to the listeners with a range of emotions and feelings to share and to absorb the listener in - let yourself be absorbed. Grab a beer or a stereotypical Doom Metal joint and listen to this album - get comfortable, because it has a story to tell you.

3 Star Rating

1. Fleeting are the Days of Man
2. Summer's Isle
3. Desertshore
4. The Sleeper including Being Is More Than Life
Erno Taipale - Guitar, Vocals
Sami Harju - Bass, Vocals
Mikael Suvanto - Drums
Record Label: Svart Records


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