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Garden Of Worm – Garden Of Worm

Garden Of Worm
Garden Of Worm
by Maria Voutiriadou at 12 June 2010, 11:06 AM

How novice is the term ‘Progressive Doom Metal’ and how thin is the line between ‘Progressive’ and ‘Doom’, anyway? I mean, I don’t think a doomster wants technical riffs or a prog metalhead needs low temps in his tabs, So, it’s quite remarkable how GARDEN OF WORM manage to do it, because this Finnish trio from Kangasala, actually made it in this debut album (under the maternal veil of Shadow Kingdom Records)! I couldn’t believe till I was listening to; if you aren’t familiar with some experimental stuff in your cup, don’t try it though.

Some MY DYING BRIDE influences are diffused in the whole self-titled album and few strokes of the epic proportion of bands like REVELATION and SOLITUDE AETURNUS as well. The vocal parts are quite heartrending and the competition between guitars and bass on who will be more precise in demonstrating skills can not pass inconspicuously, even the main character here is the guitar and not the usual doomy bass. We have 7 tracks and 46 minutes to deal with and “The Alchemist’s Dream” draws everyone’s attention from the first listening; simplicity, harmony and a generous dose of despair are to blame for being the most remarkable of the rest. Nevertheless, the closing “Hollow” follows its example, touching more Death/ Doom tunes than its anterior and spreads promises for GARDEN OF WORM’s future; note also, its duration that reaches ten minutes approximately.

After some additional spins of “Garden Of Worm”, I noticed enough similarities with bands like THE WANDERING MIDGET, BLUEPRINT HUMAN BEING or UMBRA NIHIL and the ‘why’ is obvious. All these bands sounded like they have the same denominator, experimenting with fluctuations in the ingredients, but still having the same compass: prog-rock inflections, sludgy impervious heaviness and dark doom-choking atmosphere are some of them. GARDEN OF WORM seems to have many good ideas in their music though, fact that could make them unique in what they are doing and capable enough to continue REVELATION’s vision in the new decade we are running through. However, it’s quite difficult for a traditional doomster to follow their progressive-tinged doom path and kiss their daring teaching.

3 Star Rating

  1. Spirits Of The Dead
  2. The Ceremony
  3. Rays From Heaven
  4. The Black Clouds
  5. Psychic Wolves
  6. The Alchemist’s Dream
  7. Hollow
SJ. Harju-Bass, Vocals
EJ. Taipale - Guitar, Vocals
JM. Suvanto - Drums
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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