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Gardner-James – Synergy

by William Travers at 15 September 2020, 8:33 PM

Some musicians have messages to tell the world. Some get the opportunity first time round; some get the message out and others continue to spread it for as long as they can. Janet Gardner is such a musician. After her successes with VIXEN she is back with a new project, lining up with new friends like Justin James we have here their release “Synergy”.

The artwork whilst appearing confusing is actually fairly clever. Two chimps playing music together thus embodying a visual representation to the definition of Synergy.

Instantly, the uplifting melodies, energetic riffs and pounding rhythms of “Wounded” lay down a statement to open the album. Janet’s signature powerful vocals coming straight to the fore with flowing verses and a scream along anthem of a chorus. The energy and glorious Hard Rock stylings continue into “You Can Kiss This”. Oozing attitude and flair throughout.

“Rise Up” sees a slower and more deliberate pace which I am confident will become a great anthem for all fans to sing along to on, be that on the radio, or in an arena. “Running To Her” is a feel-good song for all the lonely hearts out there.

The seemingly never fading energy continues through as we come to “Lonely We Fight” with the driving rhythms propelling the listener through catchy melodies and a delectable solo in this instant classic. “Say You Will” jumps on the brakes. Sharply. Instantly any listener will recognise that piano introduction and realise that they have reached a Power Ballad, as a song it ticks all the boxes, misty and mysterious, I can almost see the accompanying video of Janet wondering a beach singing to the ocean… Pure cheese!

This emotional education is short lived however, “I Promise” sees a return to the Hard Rock bouncy, energetic riffs and flowing rhythms to inject a bit of pace back into the album after we had a small break.

As we reach the final four tracks there isn’t much else, I can really comment on, they are good Hard Rock tracks that are very enjoyable to listen to. Highly energised and fast paced that any listener would find themselves dancing around the room and singing along to.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable album, there was a feel to the Hard Rock of the past with some tracks seemingly having been influenced by the likes of DEF LEPPARD, POISON, BON JOVI or in fact VAN HALEN. Fans of feel good music, fun songs and just overall good music be sure to check this out.

Songwriting – 8
Originality – 7
Memorability – 9
Production – 9

4 Star Rating

1. Wounded
2. You Can Kiss This
3. Rise Up
4. Running To Her
5. Lonely We Fight
6. Say You Will
7. I Promise
8. On A Wire
9. Gone
10. Flying On Faith
11. Talk To Myself
Janet Gardner – Vocals
Justin James – Guitar
Anthony Gemignani
Richie Rivera
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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