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Gary Moore - Close As You Get (CD)

Gary Moore
Close As You Get
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 21 June 2007, 6:32 PM

Gary Moore is fully acknowledged as one of the most impressive musicians - and definitely on of the most gifted guitarists Ireland has ever offered. Following a career, which started dates back in the 1960's, he has played and contributed to bands and in the likes THIN LIZZY, COLOSSEUM II and SKID ROW just to name few. Even though Gary had always had blues on his mind, he mostly focused in traditional Celtic anthemed hard  rock / heavy metal sound and songwriting, during his early days.
Soon after his After The War album he started shifting from the aforementioned sound towards a more blues direction - a change which had been identified or perceived somewhat, somehow as a betrayal movement - but gave us glorious moments in the fields of blues based music. Even though I adore his first period I am strongly attached in his magical blues period and I think that Gary has given really really a lot to guitar based heavy blues music.
Here Gary covers some of his famous blues friends and inspirators like, Chuck Berry, John Mayall, Williamson, House and a couple more - surprisingly enough not Peter Green or Otis Rush. As it is common knowledge Otis Rush's All Your Love, was the song which turned Gary onto the blues, when he first heard it on the BLUESBREAKERS Beano album, in 1966. In addition Gary  offers us some of his own unique compositions - always blues based never uninspired. Anyway, this album is ideal when you come back home a bit tired, and you want the rest of the day to be more relaxing - so you grab this CD with your one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other. The music here is soothing - not so many heavy blues elements, still genuine and soul touching.
Even though Gary is always eager to give more and more to his fans and music in general his voice sounds a bit tired or old form time to time - but we still adore him don't we? Maybe this is the kind of record, sound-wise, vocal-wise and attitude-wise the ambitious Gary was dreaming to record at his current age while he was still running or playing in the fields of Belfast, back to his Emerald mother land! Anyway the whole mid - tempo atmosphere, which dominates the scene here, does not leave time or space for experimental sounds or heavy / fast blues moments, which could be possibly found in albums like  After Hours .
In other words here you can find a mellower - yet wise and experienced Gary who focus on the emotions rather than shredding or yelling around. The whole climate is not tense, so you might get slightly periodically bored due to excessive new / old blues spirit which is profoundly evident here but a GARY MOORE record is always a GARY MOORE blues record - touching direct and giving you thought to feel, cry, laugh or think! The album was produced by GARY MOORE and Ian Taylor - which means that it has a traditional heavy warm blues sound and also sounds quite up to date.
As the best moments of this album someone may consider the following ones:  If The Devil Made Whiskey ,  Thirty Days ,  Eyesight To The Blind  and  Checkin' Up On My Baby. Gary thanx for everything and we hope that you will continue your contribute with your blues driven wisdom us for more and more!

3 Star Rating

If The Devil Made Whiskey
Trouble At Home
Thirty Days
Hard Times
Have You Heard
Eyesight To The Blind
Nowhere Fast
Checkin' Up On My Baby
I Had A Dream
Gary Moore - Vocals, Guitars
Brian Downey  - Drums
Vic Martin -  Keyboards
Pete Rees  - Bass
Record Label: Eagle Rock


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