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Gaskin - Edge Of Madness

Edge Of Madness
by Sharon "Metal Chick" Bar-Or at 02 July 2012, 3:49 PM

If you'd listen to the intro (the first track of the album "Just before Dawn"), you might think about a Progressive Metal band but don't let it fool you, it's not even close to Progressive Metal… I have to words for you: Hard Rock. Yes, the good old fashion guitar riffs, a nice bass work and fun/simple drumming work as well. I grew up on Hard Rock genre so I think this album is all about the fun. If “Edge Of Madness” sounded fun (and it did), "why so serious"?! I mean the edge of madness is more of a Melodic Death Metal or even a Progressive Metal nature but not for a Hard Rock band…

I would like to talk about Paul Gaskin's vocal work on “Edge Of Madness”: Gaskin sounds like a half of the great Ozzy Osbourne which is, again, a nice tribute to “Bark At The Moon” but Mr.Gaskin took it to another level; if I could put in words the nature of his vocals I would say that it's Hard Rock / Glam which is basically the main difference between him and Mr. Osbourne: Now, I think it sounds pretty cool but I would have lose the double effect on Gaskin's voice only because “Edge Of Madness” is a Hard Rock album and doubling the vocals sounds like the Gaskin's vocal nature doesn't sound right combining the nature of the album but more a tribute to Ozzy. And another thing, I couldn't hear any amazing or unique vocal abilities or range which isn't good at all when you consider this album as a Hard Rock / Glam album.

On the forth track "Man's Work" I had the urge to put my 1983's colorful leather jacket on me for many reason but especially because of the saxophone, so I would say two words about it: Hell No! Do not, I repeat, do not put a saxophone in a Hard Rock album… It sounded awful!!!

It's interesting to listen to the seventh track "The Contract" because listening to the beginning of this track, all I could think of was DREAM EVIL and I hate to break it to you but, it's NOT! So I would take this track as the "not original" track of the album…

Over all, the credit goes to the guitars work: Nice riffs and really awesome Solos. I always love to compare the instruments to the furnishings of the story line but at this case I think the guitars are much powerful than the vocals. The worst thing of all is to create a song like the tenth track of “Edge Of Madness” that's called "Edge of Madness" and the song sound like "Wasting love" by IRON MAIDEN and has nothing to do to an edge or madness… Maybe it's a song that talks about this: This track was the edge of boring so you can get mad at GASKIN later.

It's not a great album at all but at least they've tried…

2 Star Rating

1. Just Before Dawn
2. Damnation
3. Heart Like Thunder
4. Mans’ World
5. Wake Up Dead
6. Lost & Lonely
7. The Contract
8. Bedlam
9. Te Amavi
10. Edge Of Madness
Paul Gaskin– Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
David John Norman– Drums / Backing Vocals / Keyboards
Andrew Solomon– Guitars
Mick Cross– Bass

Special Guests:
Nik Turner– Saxophone
Emma Hudson– Backing vocals 
Record Label: High Roller Records


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