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Gatecloser – From The Wasteland Award winner

From The Wasteland
by Quinten Serna at 03 November 2020, 3:04 PM

The bastion that is Metal is that of sacrosanct rhythms and harmonies whose combined influence creates something mesmerizing and unforgettable, and whilst such simple notions themselves do not convey any matter of great diversity, every person’s unique approach to such motifs is what creates the captivating and enthralling works that we, as denizens of Metal, identify with. GATECLOSER understands to a great degree the power of individuality and influence and in reference to such has crafted a mighty and meticulous debut entitled, “From The Wasteland.”

The grandeur that is this album begins unassuming with the title track, “From The Wasteland…,” which bears in its entirety an ambience of rain, static, and melancholic strings, the narration is dreary and menacing serving to forebode misery, tension, and conflict. The first true song upon the LP begins immediately after, the track, “The Crow,” cuts as a hot knife through the tone left behind by its predecessor, choosing instead for inflections of triumph and resolve; the detraction of the first verse through clean guitars creates a strong dynamic which works greatly in the song’s favor. “Will Of The Dark” serves as the middle point of the album, the center focus completely detracts from the tone and construction of the rest of the album by offering an acoustic refrain with self inflicting vocals dancing around the sullen instruments; the construction of the song and attack of the guitars reminds me greatly of the pure honesty in “Ooh La La” by THE FACES though I doubt they played any role in influence; the piano interlude leading to a progressive solo is all things inspiring. “Blackout” is an abrasive juxtaposition as it commences in a torrent of hastened beats of powerful guitars, the solo is, in my opinion, one of the best on the album and immediately grabs the listener’s attention. “Black March” is an interesting piece to say the least, the start-stop approach to the rhythm keeps you focused on the progression of the track and the chorus features the line, “from the wasteland they will march on,” giving credence to the fact that you just experienced the album as a whole that your journey through the soundscape is nearing its completion and with the advent of “…They Will March On” the album then with the closing of a gate in the rain.

The superior fidelity of the LP beckons immediate attention in that every instrument feels live, visceral, and fluid. The guitars—acoustic and electric—are exacting beyond measure, to such a degree that if feels as if you have the band’s amps pressed against your ears; the bass is complimentary and boisterous performing runs that serve in telling a narration more so than supporting the guitars, an approach similar to PHIL LYNOTT and JOHN PAUL JONES; the drums are explosive, tight, and exacting whereupon no strike or beat is questionable or misplaced, the transitions between accents and accentuations is seamless and inspiring; and lastly, the vocals fit into every track with ease both driving the songs and providing melodious narrative which brings out some of the more subtle elements of each track.

From The Wasteland” is one of those albums that serves as an incredible debut for a new act and will hopefully draw large enough attention to get Metal fans from foreign soils the world over to follow the band’s career. The album pays homage to its influence but definitely stays closer to Heavy Metal more so than anything else. Any fan of Metal in any of its incarnations would most likely find favor with GATECLOSER.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. From The Wasteland…
2. The Crow
3. Bury Him Alive
4. White Bones
5. Take My Hand
6. Will Of The Dark
7. Blackout
8. Death Parade
9. King Of The New Dawn
10. Black March
11. …They Will March On
Nicola Gavini Fiorentini – Bass and Backing Vocals
Alessandro Cupici – Drums and Backing Vocals
Matteo Corbara – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Stefano Tarroni – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, and Keyboards
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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Edited 07 June 2023

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