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Gateway To Hell - Clovers

Gateway To Hell
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 November 2017, 2:05 PM

Since the coming of the pioneers in Metal on USA, back in the 70s, a model became true: North American bands love to make something more melodic and filled with fine musical arrangements. This difference can be heard hear you compare the North American Metal bands with similar ones from other parts of the world. So, when we are dealing with a Doom Metal band as GATEWAY TO HELL, from Baltimore (Maryland) shows on their first EP, called “Clovers”.

It’s a format of Doom Metal with very good melodies, abrasive guitar riffs, heavy and technical work from bass guitar and drums, and fine vocals (with singing ways that reminds a lot that ones from Glenn Danzig). We can say that it is filled with a modern feeling that make their musical work near something that SOUNDGARDEN used to play in their earlier and heavier works. But don’t be in panic: the band has a strong personality, as you can hear it clearly. Raw and nasty is the sound quality of this EP, because they seem to be trying to find something more organic and with that touch that reminds the 70s. They get a good result, besides the sonority isn’t perfect. But as I always say: don’t have the wrong idea, because I meant that it isn’t perfect, but it is truly good.

“Clovers” is a mammoth of heavy weight and musical bitterness of the guitar riffs, showing very good melodies (especially on the guitar solos). “Tin Roof” is abrasive as old songs of BLACK SABBATH were on their earlier works, but with a more melodic insight, and very good vocals. Even more bitter and melodic is “The Drizzard”, with a heavy and Bluesy feeling, with charming vocals and very good work from the rhythmic session of the band. On “Rain for Days” we have a charming and clean introduction to the heavy grasp of “Scorched Earth” and its nasty arsenal of guitars along with fine vocals harmonies and the heavy presence of bass guitar and drums. They are good and have potential to do something better than the EP. But by now, enjoy “Clovers” as often as you can, because GATEWAY TO HELL is a fine band.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Clovers
2. Tin Roof
3. The Drizzard
4. Rain for Days
5. Scorched Earth
Jerrod Bronson - Vocals
Alex Briscoe - Guitar
Eric Responsible - Bass
Dan Petruccelli - Drums
Record Label: Unholy Anarchy Records


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