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Gateway To Selfdestruction - Death, My Salvation

Gateway To Selfdestruction
Death, My Salvation
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 19 February 2017, 9:03 PM

I’ll be brutally honest: Black Metal usually isn’t my thing. Of course, there are a few positive exceptions. If we dig deeper into the sub-sub-genre, the term “depressive” has become a pretty new thing in the last few years; the sound, the lyrical themes, even the overall atmosphere changes only because of that one word. Positive? Absolutely. It usually isn’t my cup of tea, especially when the vocals become completely ridiculous (I could name a few bands), but GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRCUTION is one of those rare exceptions.

I must say that I have never heard such incredible, atmospheric, yet melodic Black Metal in my life; even though the sound was focused mostly on the “depressive” elements of Black Metal. The band’s debut album - which came out at the very end of 2016 - entitled “Death, My Salvation” consists of 8 tracks of pure modern, original, jaw dropping, blood chilling and pleasant Black Metal. The album starts off with “The Blessing”, which begins with a slow fade in, incredible, melodic riffs and amazing vocals by a female vocalist (huge shout out to the vocalist for even considering to do these type of vocals). The track is pretty long, but is definitely not the longest on the album. I really am enjoying this album, and whatever my opinion was of this genre in the past, if it was bad, I’m regretting it now.

As a general fan of music, there is nothing I can appreciate more than a pleasant album or band surprises; you know, that the feeling when you think that you’ve heard it all, and yet some underrated, underground band literally kicks you in the face. Off to the next track “Black Quiet Death”, which enters with a dramatic, chilling ambient intro, for a bright second, and then the classic, old school Black Metal riffs kick in. An almost a Norwegian influence can be heard for a while, but the vocals will guarantee that the whole atmosphere is pretty modern and novel.

“Destroyed Self” is once again a mix of past and present eras of this amazing genre. The vocals are a bit modern, yet still freak you out, and the riffs are classic, whilst somehow keeping the listener’s attention. “Reset” sounds like some amazing hybrid of raw and atmospheric sound! So far it is the most interesting track, at least for me; it’s fast, the drumming is raw – it’s as if slow-paced were just not meant to be on this album. This album is different, and I like that fact, the fact that it’s a hybrid between two era’s and the understandable, high, clean-influenced growl vocals, and the harsh, fully inaudible ones. I know that sounded a bit odd, but trust me, when you’ll listen to it, you will get exactly what I meant.

 I won’t go more into details, but I can guarantee you, if by any chance you get the idea to blast this album, just do it, because you might end up surprising yourself, and the band too. I must say, this is why I do what I do, this is why I listen to what I listen. It’s bands like these, which regenerate that spark inside you, and it’s just a pleasantly un-describe-able feeling. Keep it up guys! I loved your music.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

  1. The Blessing
  2. Black Quiet Death
  3. Destroyed Self
  4. Reset
  5. Silence
  6. Soziopath
  7. Rigidity
  8. Mirrors of Despair
Chual - Bass
R. - Drums
Mortem - Guitars
Abryss - Guitars
Mara - Vocals
Record Label: Northern Silence Productions


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