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Gateway to Selfdestruction - Sanctus: Mater: Scortum Award winner

Gateway to Selfdestruction
Sanctus: Mater: Scortum
by Laura Glover at 04 March 2020, 10:53 PM

Depressive Black Metalers, GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION, released their second album, “Sanctus Mater Scortum” on February 21, 2020. This is a band who has opened for IN FLAMES before, and has a female lead singer. I always love it when a woman can truly rock, and Mara does just that.  GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION was formed in 2013 in Germany. “Sanctus Mater Scortum” shares a story of a power struggle between a mother and a child and the “motherly, pathologic presence of a woman suffering from mental illness”. A mother who expresses her own fucked up mindset in child abuse, perversions, and prostitution. In this album, this story, she portrays multiple roles; the loving mother to those who know no better, yet a whore in private. With fluidic waves of symphonic metal to set the tone, this album is an easy listen! I much appreciate the symphonic stringed instruments that really add to the dark aura of the whole album. The Latin album title, “Sanctus Mater Scortum” translates to “Holy Mother of the Scrotum”. Interesting album title, indeed, yet it makes sense to the story line of the album.

Void” - Tremolo plucking on guitar to slow drum beats and symphonic background, this song has a strong build up to its entry. A fast tempo that it keeps up the whole way through. With Mara’s robust voice, then she lets us down easy into the haunting quality of her clean vocals. “The Red Thread” - This song dives right in with gusto. Mara’s vocals scream at us from the depths of despair.  This song is a hard and fast ride, with a pleasant piece of melodic guitar notes at nearly the halfway point. “Dark Poetry” - Rife with angst, this song leaves you breathless with rage, despair, and inner turmoil. The abyss of the tragedy that can be life. The loss of hope is a hard thing to overcome. Emerging from the veil of darkness that suffocates and weighs one down is both a liberating feeling as well as an empty feeling, sometimes in your loneliest times… it was your demons who held you up. The fiends who you were at least familiar with.

Mirrors” - Epically haunting notes, deep; carving a valley of loneliness in the deepest recesses of your mind. Rolling into the lush notes of a cello, I believe it is. This is an epic song with some very moving power chords on guitar, as well as those dark vocals. Gorgeously symphonic, darky haunting. “Utopia” - Soft intro, dreamlike emotions lull you into a state of poignance. Stoic vocals the “hook, line, and sinker” that drive you home to the madness. This song’s melodic waves are awesome. Definite blast beats at the midway point in the song propel the wave we ride like a maestro to an orchestra.

This album knows how it wants you to feel, and artfully it takes you to the place it intends. The melodic, symphonic parts are top notch. Mara, GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION’s leading lady is amazing in how strong her vocals are. She has ranges from clean and lovely vocals, to harsh and full of angst. The band as a whole seems very well put together as well as on a path to being well-liked by many. This album, “Sanctus Mater Scortum”, is definitely worth listening to.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorabiility: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Void
2. The Red Thread
3. Dark Poetry
4. Negata
5. Mirrors
6. Negative Circles
7. Utopia
Mara – Vocals
Abryss – Guitar
Mortem – Guitar
Chual – Bass
R. - Drums
Record Label: Northern Silence Productions


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