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Gathas - Self-Titled Award winner

by Manel Lilioth at 03 June 2013, 10:50 AM

Once upon a time, in 608 BC the world attend a birth of powerful, dark sinister in the heart of Persia, the name of the child was Zoroaster. Like the myth says he was chosen by the gods as the prophet to change the mid eastern life and so mote it be! The time passes and the prophecy reveal and then he found a new religion made Ahura Mazda as the creator in all good and no evil originates from him, it is inspired by thy name Zoroastrianism. And so he composed GATHAS the seventeen hymns believed to have been the most sacred texts of the Zoroastrian faith. In nowadays everything remind us on these verses has been vanished and forgotten, the gods were angry how the human loss faith on them and in 2013 they bring the prophet to earth again under the name of Beliar from Turkey who also formed a new path named GATHAS, which it is the only arm can handle in 21th century is to spread the ancient belief through a certain genre of music: Blackened Death Metal.

According to this myth, GATHAS starts his mission by releasing three demos; all influenced by an ancient Persian-Egyptian theme on lyrics and melodies, the production on this releases is crystal clear which means that we get to hear everything perfectly. This adds to the sheer immensity of the demos. Even the art cover is grotesquery sophisticated design; in the middle we see an old Avestan scripture, and sands of time as a wallpaper while looking at it we understand completely the whole main theme.

Starting this masterpiece with “Covenant” the blackness sound and eastern strings overwhelming the song which I personally define it as GATHAS’s formal nature adorned with Beliar shrieked vocals, some ultra-fast solos and strong drum beats that take us to the next level of innovation to “Obey The ancient” my favourite one this song has all materials to define it enough as melodic Death / Black Metal, it’s technical, atmospheric, and extremely brutal with middle eastern sound passage and That all played and composed by one man. Respect for that. Although “Ohrmazd” is not different from the two previous but it’s still have its own charm where Beliar shows he’s skills as singer and how far he can scream and be synchronized at the same time.

I have enjoyed listening to this excellent work, and so you should too! So we can praise him all together so he can enjoy one day his own moments of glory! Hails. 

4 Star Rating

1. Covenant
2. Obey The Ancient
3. Ohrmazd
Beliar - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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