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Gauntlet Rule - The Plague Court

Gauntlet Rule
The Plague Court
by Craig Rider at 19 April 2022, 2:06 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GAUNTLET RULE; signed via From The Vaults Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Heavy Metal, on their debut full-length Studio Album entitled: “The Plague Court” (released 18/03/2022). Since formation in 2019; the quintet in question have only this here debut full-length Studio Album in their discography so far entitled: “The Plague Court”, 10 tracks ranging at around 48:32 - GAUNTLET RULE arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with this wildly rushing rhythm of savagely snarly static, a blistering barrage frenzy in bludgeoning blitzkrieg belts eardrums a clobbering good time that will make one want to break chairs over other chairs in no time flat. “The Caneham House” distills a frantically bombastic flamboyance in rumbling reverberation that thunders with trembling upheaval, amongst a razor-sharp calamity in primitively raw pandemonium & barbaric crescendos that snarl with sonically seamless remedy. Bulldozing a fierce slab of solid smacks, trailblazing hooks and monstrously meaty rifts of riffing malice. “Run The Gauntlet” punches out sturdy thuds while steamrolling with monolithic tempo, trembling drum cymbal assimilation and weighty strikes that pursue with scouring grooves amongst a frolicking gallop in chugging adrenaline. Amplified distortion towers with uproarious vocal patterns consisting of hellraiser Teddy Möller, as high-pitched roars soar with clean cords and throaty substance of organic yet vibrantly potent zeal.

Twinning guitars from Rogga Johansson & Kjetil Lynghaug rev with motoring dexterity, dynamically injecting a rapidly swift swerve of nimble experimentation and hybrid crunchiness. Killer laceration mobility rips with slaying grinds and chunky vehemence that utilizes uniquely strong persistence on volatile bass audibility from Peter Svensson & stompy perseverance from battering drummer Lars Demoké within the next banger “The Well Of Shadows”, a hefty grandeur in tremoring tenor & steely precision mounts with salubriously stampeding thumpiness while rambunctiously piledriving with profusely robust ramifications on heady firepower expertise amongst a creatively complex conundrum on sulfurous yet relentless exhilaration. “Runes Of The Autumn Witch” bangs out with thick melodies while these impactful but flexibly fundamental empowerments showcases this radically wicked tonality of gnarly effect, executing an enriching attribute towards those exuberantly boisterous tremolo transitions that stabilize with synergetic stability magnificently.

Dying For My Dreams” injects an infectiously venomous yet vivacious verve on rampantly rompy manifestos that trample speakers with rollicking density and concretely gritty finesse, implementing a clamorous element in rough pierces and hardened, instrumental artillery. Compiling ferocious but anthemic complexity within the next crusher “Valley Of Thorns”, still remaining tight with full force burliness… bruising out viciously with listenable heaviness and catchy onslaughts that hastens intensely with upbeat maelstrom qualities where the songwriting musicianship slams with thrusting strife amongst a strident steadiness to it, as it does with the titular track while “By The Gods Who Are Not” momentously revels with riveting abilities in crafting not so linear silver-linings of rich mettle stableness & soundness. An equilibrium of rowdy contortion flairs with sublime magnitudes that pumps out with rugged velocity, surging with operatic bellows and choir-like euphony - especially within the epic harmonization of the penultimate track: “A Choir Of Angels” - indelibly entrances one with an intriguing vigor on rigorous hymns, angelically and mightily.

Overall concluding “The Plague Court” with the finale crusher “Death Will Be Ours (And Ours Alone)”, an effervescent battle hymn in arduous ebullience revolves round with this 8 minute anthem, chanting along with technical yet thriving excellency. I am compelled to say that GAUNTLET RULE certainly outdone themselves with this one, it’s a heavy slice of professional Heavy Metal versatility that serves old school veterans & modern fans greatly. An enjoyable and entertaining discovery should you fancy a healthy dose of this borderline foundation on traditional but classic boundary marvelously does elegantly exquisity justice towards this hard but heavy genre with tasteful tone & tunage, worthy of spinning while replaying a good handful of times, do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Caneham House
2. Run The Gauntlet
3. The Well Of Shadows
4. Runes Of The Autumn Witch
5. Dying For My Dreams
6. Valley Of Thorns
7. Plague Court
8. By The Gods Who Are Not
9. A Choir Of Angels
10. Death Will Be Ours (And Ours Alone)
Teddy Möller – lead and backing vocals
Rogga Johansson – Rhythm and Melody Guitars
Peter Svensson – Bass Guitar
Lars Demoké – Drums
Kjetil Lynghaug - Solo Guitar
Record Label: From The Vaults Records


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