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Gauntlet - Path Of Nails (CD)

Path Of Nails
by Michael Dalakos at 19 May 2006, 2:39 AM

One of the most interesting things in this CD is the fact that the band has pretty much managed to gather every single known vocalist from their home country (except Enrique Iglesias as they also mention). How did they manage to pull this one? Well, if you take a look at the detailed biography of this not-so-old band (formed in 1998), you'll see that half the known Spanish scene has passed from their ranks!
Gauntet was formed, as I mentioned, back in 1998. Since then they have recorded two demo CDs (the one in 1999 and the second one, titled Rising in 2002). They have also performed live several times. As I have already mentioned, they have suffered countless lineup changes but they're still going strong.
Path Of Nails is their first full length release. First of all let's mention the singers who appear in this one. Elisa C. Martin (Ex-Dark Moor, now in Dreamaker), Alfred Romero (Dark Moor), Beatriz Albert (Ebony Ark), Patricia Tapia (Nexx), Nacho Ruiz (Arwen)! Not bad, huh? Still, the outcome is quite compact and solid (well, after all, all those singers mentioned are part of bands with similar music to that of Gauntlet).
So what music are we talking about? Traditional Heavy Metal, not so power like Dark Moor, nor too melodic like Arwen. You are starting to get the picture, right? Guitar driven songs with lots of energy and passion in them. Unfortunately not so original as they ought to be in the year 2006. And the outcome is really good but nothing extraordinary or first heard.
Good production (I have heard better ones but ok), interesting riffs and refrains but nothing more. The problem is that though what they do they do it well, it is still not enough compared to the legacy of traditional Metal. Fans of the genre might find this one interesting.
Just let me add a thumbs up for the extremely professional presentation of the band through their promotional CD. Keep up the good work on these matters!

3 Star Rating

Jack The Riffer
Grime Reaper
Silver Bullet
Here Comes The Thunder
Sea Of Tears
The Light
A.I: Mother
A.II: Nostromo
A.III: Acheron (LV 4-26)
Jack The Riffer (Video Clip)
Santiago Garcia - Bass
Alejandro Martinez - Drums
Miguel Rocha - Guitar
Daniel Millan - Guitar
Ivo Gallenov - Vocals
Record Label: Self Released


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