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Geezer – Cosmic Stone Blues

Cosmic Stone Blues
by Fred Bonanno at 30 June 2022, 6:07 AM

Geezer, the band, most definitely not to be confused with The Geezer Butler Band, former bass player from Black Sabbath. Geezer, formed in 2010 in Kinston, NY., with Harrington as the only remaining original member. From their first release in 2013 to their sixth and latest album release “Stoned Blues Machine” in May 2022. This album is a throwback to the “tripping 70’s” with heavy blues jams and easy rolling vibes all mixed together to give an earthy, stoner sound. Harrington describes the band’s sound as “Heavy, Trippy and Groovy.”  Starting out somewhat heavy and promising “Atomic Moronic” has some fast tempo changes and nice grooving riffs, and I did like the soul pleasing guitar work as well.

Catchy lyrics “I Gotta move on, I Gotta move on, I Gotta runaway” starts out “Logans Run” with an infectious riff and beefy bass and drum backing, but then slows to a more mellow tone midway thru with an impressive, although brief, guitar solo that almost reeled me in. Wow, “A Cold Black Heart” very easily could have transformed into an almost metal song with it’s hardened, strong beginning riff and gnarly bass beat but never got there and stayed true to the tempo of the album. A real psychedelic feel musically and lyrically on “Broken Glass”. This one would make all Grateful Dead fans right at home with “Sucking on broken glass or tripping on windowpanes, or licking the ruling class, nightmares kill your dreams” A true tie-dyed shirt song.

“Saviours” starts out with a catchy bass line that leads into a slow-moving pace and tempo before jumping around to a more energetic and compelling melody. This song would probably be my favorite guitar work from Harrington, it’s raw and balanced. By far, the most intriguing and hypnotic song is the last one on the album “The Diamond Rain of Saturn." Super influenced of the 70’s, a very trippy sound with almost spoken lyrics by Harrington that morphs into muffled vocals, sound effects and, well…. noise, yes, just noise. This goes on for over three ungodly, monotonous minutes to make a very pedestrian and colorless ending to the album. A true stoner rock song.

As I earlier mentioned at the beginning of this review, not being a fan of “stoner rock”, I was very attentive in putting my ears to this album, I listened with an open mind and no pre-conceived prejudices or formed assumptions. There are some very catchy and unique lyrics, funky bass lines and definite, downright boogie woogie guitar licks. And even though the vocals sound like they were recorded in a garage, they somehow work well with this groovy sound. Having said all that, I would actually like to see Geezer live and in concert, I’m sure it’d be Far Out Baby.

Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Atomic Moronic
2. Logan’s Run
3. A Cold Black Heart
4. Stoned Blues Machine
5. Broken Glass
6. Eleven
7. Saviours
8. The Diamond Rain of Saturn
Pat Harrington – vocals/guitar
Richie Touseull – bass
Steve Markota – drums/percussion
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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