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Geezer - Geezer

by Shibalika Tamuli at 12 March 2017, 11:34 AM

GEEZER return with their new self-titled album. Two years have passed since their last release, “Gage.” GEEZER’s new album starts with the very low-key opening track “Sunday Speed Demon”. A good strong, thick, blues-laden rock anthem, that totally puts you in an eager mood for the rest of this album.

“One leg Up,” is the second Track of the record, is slower but groovier. It’s a bass driven track, and a standard Stoner Rock tune. “Sun Gods” starts up with a clean guitar section which builds up to something huge. Filled with deep bass lines, phenomenal lead sections, versatile drumming and dreamy vocals, it is one of the stand out tracks of the record. “Bi Polar Vortex” is a track that has huge riffs, heavy drumming, Deep yet distorted bass line and guttural vocals and a hypnotic guitar solo as an added bonus.

“Dust” begins with melancholic clean guitar section to a highly distorted riff. Follows by soaring vocals, which is the highlight of the track. The track is filled with typical Stoner Rock bass line and drumming with an additional guitar solo. “Hangnail Crisis” is a slow burner, it's heavy yet melodic. You can hear some old BLACK SABBATH influences here in there, which isn't a bad thing, at all. “Superjam Maximus” starts off with hard hitting, stand-alone drumming, follows deep bass riffage and then kicks the guitar with epic proportions. It's heavy, it's bass driven and filled with memorable riffage and drumming. It’s probably the best song on the record. “Stoney Pony” is the closing track of the record, which starts off with a distorted riff and rest of the instrumentation follows. It's heavy, it's groovy, a decent way to close an album.

The song-writing is fantastic with the lyrics having a certain tongue-in-cheek quality about them, though it’s the music that holds your attention. There certainly are more than their fair share of punchy riffs reminiscent of bands like MOTORHEAD, BLACK SABBATH and many more. Some of the highlights are "Sun Gods", "One Leg Up", and "Superjam Maximus". The production on the album is crisp and precise. You can tell that the band put their heart and soul into this album.

Production: 8
Song writing: 8
Memorability: 7
Originality: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Sunday Speed Demon
2. One Leg Up
3. Sun Gods
4. Bi-Polar Vortex
5. Dust
6. Hangnail Crisis
7. Superjam Maximus
8. Stoney  Pony
Record Label: Ripple Music


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