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Gehtika - Unconventional Manicism

Uncoventional Manicism
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 July 2012, 7:46 PM

I think that I learned another lesson in Metalcore and what can be achieved while mixing it with different musical elements. The obscurity, led by the fine twisted gentlemen of GETHIKA, directed me to believe that a band can upraise its style with various of additions that aren't necessarily normal to the music they are playing. With their new album, "Unconventional Manicism", via Rising Records, which is exactly the right way to describe what went on here, they attempted to add a different and darkened dimension into their music. Playing a rough and tough, but rather assorted and peculiar kind of Metalcore was simply enough for GETHIKA but on the other hand, it was not enough for me I am afraid. I have always appreciated bands that were willing to step out of the traditional box in order to develop their figure and musical approach but sometimes it isn't that easy to come up with something that would make heads roll.

It took me a little to adjust my mind and way of thinking to the idea that GETHIKA weren’t trying to play it safe. They went on with full power, as their album’s title suggests, with grubby makeup and an inexorable attitude that just won’t die. However, it came only to the likes of the long epic tracks, “I Confess” and “Fear Within”, which truly captured my attention. Within “I Confess”, GETHIKA promoted their music as a sort of an extreme Thrash / Black Metal rather than a true Metalcore group with crazy soloing and unmerciful crispy modern as hell beats. There were a few annoying sections like the “Po Po Pi Ti Po Po”, which reminded me of the idiotic pronunciations of the Nu Metal KORN two decades ago, yet, the rest of the tunes that consisted of great melodies and a cool parcel of riffs. “Fear Within” seemed to me like a summarization of the entire release, yet, I have to admit that it was far superior that any other creation this band enlisted for this album, especially when it comes to the musicianship level. I recognized a passion that gushed through the entire track. Of course that GETHIKA remained true to the Metalcore like way of theirs, but their ability to diversify their music with different elements is something else, at least on this track and the former.

I suggest on checking this album out, it has some solid turns up, especially for ones who have been looking for a different kind of Core. GETHIKA might be weird, but their outlook seems horrific thus making them interesting. 

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Archai
3. Prevail
4. Into Asylum
5. Reality of Mortality
6. Archai the Fallen
7. Broadcast
8. Lost Thoughts
9. I Confess
10. Headless
11. Fear Within
12. Outro 
Scott Allen- Guitar & Vocals
Dean Hemming- Drums
Topher O'Meagher- Guitar
Psy' Timms- Bass & Vocals
Record Label: Rising Records


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