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Geisterfaust – Servile Mirrors of Animosity

Servile Mirrors of Animosity
by Horatiu Ghibu at 30 June 2022, 12:27 PM

We've been facing a lot of DIY action over the past few years, especially on the heavy side. Such is the case with GEISTERFAUST from southwest Germany, that chose to ride this uberhipster wave of bands. You can probably guess that their debut EP "Servile Mirrors of Animosity" can be purchased on cassettes (and we all know most of the kids and young adults today haven't even seen a tape player in their life). The six songs have been recorded live during a performance at Studio30. Not necessarily a bad thing when you have something to prove with that.

The three members want to keep their anonymity, but what we know for sure is that one plays guitar, one plays the drums and one sings. Yep, it's one of those bands without a bass player and that is because the guitar is detuned to the depths of hell. They're feeding us a type of sludge metal mixed with death metal. I guess it will bring many memories back from the beginning of the 90s for those that were into that kind of stuff back then (but who wasn't???). Skipping the intro song, which is just pointless noise, we are thrown into an abyss of raw DIY death metal. At some points it is actually very hard to bare the over saturated distorted guitar tone. In general all songs have alternating slow tempo parts with fast ones, without being to have any highlights mentioned. If you are into noise, you'll love it. Maybe early NAPALM DEATH lovers will also dig this release.

This material is definitely intended for a small batch of people. The niche is so limited, but you will get that after accessing their FB page and getting a shock on how a band with 200 likes actually wants to put out a record. Anything is possible nowadays even if not worth it. We'll see if GEISTERFAUST will have something to prove in the future or was just a simple infatuation for 3 guys. Give it a spin and it will only spin you if you are bent on extreme experimental stuff of a brainless hipster!

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 3
Memorability: 3
Production: 3

1 Star Rating

1. Portals: The Cleansing Swords of Truth
2. The Infinite Dream
3. Foul Spine
4. Hang Them High!
5. Doorless Doorway
6. Death, the End of all Human Suffering: Metamorphosis and Catharsis
Record Label: Morbid and Miserable Records


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