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Gene The Werewolf - Rock N' Roll Animal

Gene The Werewolf
Rock N' Roll Animal
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 10 December 2012, 10:23 PM

Haven't got a visit from the all mighty, the dark prince for a long time, however it did come last week and said to me "I'm really happy that you are back to Glam", I was a little surprised cause I really thought the Lucifer would have preferred Black Metal, after all they sing mostly of his grace. Probably he doesn't have much time for followers or maybe he is into Glam / Hard Metal after all and the Black stuff is only for the sake of pose? Making the story short he told me: “How about some good Glam Metal from the states?” I said: “Look I already reviewed THE LAST VEGAS so maybe something else”. Didn't help me much all he did was delivering me the new album of GENE THE WEREWOLF named “Rock N’ Roll Animal”. I can still hear his words echoing "I'm into Glam now, get over it".

So to tell you guys the truth, didn’t know about Gene or any werewolves, nevertheless I still dived into the album. So what we got here? it's a straight up Hair Metal with some Euro Metal influences that does sound like a nice combination, taking all the good from both of them probably will make a great album.

In order to better understand the music you should also see the guys’ clips, they have got some groovy shit going on there. All the album is filled with catchiness, sleazy Hard Rock / Glam Metal made with style. Each song can be pin point to a specific band from the 80s Glam run. It's really fun cause we can find here each style of Metal known, for instance "Heart Of Steel" uses a nice riff alongside likable Keyboard just like EUROPE did, "Firecracker" high speed riff sent me back to MOTLEY CRUE speed riffing and god damn if "Fight Me Up" isn't a DEF LEPPARD song don't call me Blacknasa The Divine, all these things are what make this album great, GENE THE WEREWOLF didn't try and invent anything new they just do great Glam Metal using all around influences.

Way to go GENE THE WEREWOLF such a nice and fun album to listen to, with no pretension or showoff, just pure fun.


4 Star Rating

1. Wicked Love
2. I Only Wanna Rock N Roll
3. Superhero
4. Heart Of Steel
5. Rock N Roll Animal
6. I've Got The Love
7. Ruffneck Woman
8. Light Me Up
9. Firecracker
10. Give It Up
11. The Ballad Of Gene
Gene - Vocals / Guitars / Piano
Nick - Drums
Drew - Guitar / Vocals
Aaron - Keyboards
Tim - Bass / Vocals
Mike - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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