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General Surgery - Necrology Award winner

General Surgery
by Nikos Makropoulos at 13 June 2011, 4:03 PM

When I first saw this re-issue I didn’t knew if I had to be mad or smile full of anticipation of what I was about to listen. But the anticipation turned to be joy and pleasure with the new sound of the tracks. I already had this release since 1998 and back then it totally blew my mind.

If you are not familiar with what General Surgery is about let me guide and place you inside this morgue full of sickness and pathological excrements!

General Surgery was formed in Sweden back in 1988 from members of Dismember and Afflicted and they were one of the first Carcass clones. Their lyrics was quite similar with their  British companions and typical for the genre of pure grind core: putrefaction, sickness, pathological and murderous cases, deranged situations, everything a grind core fan would ever wanted to hear from a band of this genre.

Their names reminds me surgeons in duty while performing surgical operation with full bloodied clothes and rusted surgery tools, where their victims are unable to do anything!!!!Dr Sykes Dr Mc Williams and Dr Van Tuominen, where the main malpracticioners back then.

They released several EPs and split vinyl compilations with the sickest bands of this genre like, Machetazo, The County Medical Examiners, Filth and Butcher Abc .
They were part of the only Carcass tribute compilation with the killer track "Empathological Necroticism" and released two full length albums "Left Hand Pathology" in 2006 and "Corpus in Extremis: Analyzing Necrocriticism" in 2009 both from Listenable Records.

So let us take a closer look and examine this putrefied and fully infected re-issue and see what the cause of this severe internal bleeding is. Seven tracks from the 1991 EP, typical and identical of the grind-core genre, from the opening track "Ominus Lamentation", guiding us slowly with down tempo riffs, to the second track "Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue" full of primitive blast-beats, chaotic screams and heavy gorging growls and vocals.

The rest of the songs are familiar with the Carcass trademark sound and will satisfy all the fans of the old-fashioned but so true and pure grind-core. As a bonus there are 3 songs re-mastered from their 1990 "Pestiferous Anthropophagia" demo 2 release, crawling and rotting on the same route of excrements.

I believe, releases like this one will bring new fans to the genre and introduce them to the core of what grind-core became today. As for the old fans it is a great chance to enjoy their favorite 'pieces' with a better sound and rejoice an era when music or noise where pure and spontaneous. I really enjoyed this one I hope you'll do the same…
"Carnage, chunks and leftover pieces in the bin…I dispose…"

5 Star Rating

1. Ominous Lamentation
2. Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
3. Grotesque Laceration of Mortified Flesh
4. Severe Catatonia in Pathology
5. Crimson Concerto
6. The Succulent Aftermath of a Subdural Haemmorhage
7. An Orgy of Flying Limbs and Gore

Bonus tracks from "Pestisferous Anthropophagia", Demo 2 1990:

8. Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
9. The Succulent Aftermath of a Subdural Haemmorhage
10. Grotesque Laceration of Mortified Flesh
Dr. Sahlström - Vocals
Dr. Wallin - Guitar, Backing vocals
Dr. Carlsson - Guitar
Dr. Eriksson - Bass
Dr. Mitroulis - Drums, backing Vocals
Record Label: Listenable Records


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