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Generichrist - Taste of Death

Taste of Death
by J-F "Thrashing Assault" Briard at 24 March 2015, 7:39 AM

GENERICHRIST is a Death/Thrash/Punk band, it's lyrical content is comprised of violence, sex and horror, as we can clearly guess from the cringeworthy cover art of a hooker blowing a Zombie…

The introduction "Monsters And Myths" starts as a funeral hymn, alongside a man citing a dark monologue and a woman crying… The structure of the following riffs and the growls are fairly standard, but still decent. The solo is freaky and psychotic. Title song "Taste of Death" is faster and more frantic. Some of the growls are more high pitched this time but the riffs aren't very varied. The bass sounds rather muffled which is also unfortunate. The slow parts of "Kill your Parents" contrasts the bursts of brutal speed, but the riffs in this one are actually pretty good. "Fuck to get High" has high pitched snarls alternating with low pitched growls, but it's quite repetitive. "Nazi in Blue" is more like thrash/punk with rapid guitar riffs, the vocals makes me kind of think of Steve Zetro Souza's from EXODUS. I like this one better, but it's way too short.

"Hexx" is also very short and somewhat reminiscent of SLAYER, but not as memorable. "Eye of Malvolence" seems like the fastest (for the most part) and most chaotic song on the album, it is compromised mostly of Death growls and some interesting freaky riffage… but it stops rather abruptly. Hidden at the end of the song is a really long and robotic-sounding (almost like stuttering) monologue about the apocalypse; I really don't know why they included this… maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems very out of place and frankly, pointless…!

This album isn't all that bad, but it's as if the band didn't knew exactly what they wanted and split the album in too much sub-genres, switching between Death, Thrash and Punk, making it a bit inconsistent and heterogeneous. The final monologue of 8 minutes is also rather useless. Still, it's not that bad, but way too short and pretty average overall, lacking some true originality and innovation.

3 Star Rating

1. Monsters And Myths
2. Taste of Death
3. Kill your Parents
4. Fuck to get High
5. Nazi in Blue
6. Hexx
7. Eye of Malvolence
Tony Anderson - Vocals
Guy Loucks Jr - Guitar
Joe " Chimp " Hujbar: -Guitar
Ed Webb - Bass/Vocals
Chris Maraman - Drums
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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Edited 04 February 2023

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