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Genfærd – Blodhævn

by Cherie Wong at 24 March 2020, 6:43 PM

On January 31, 2020, GENFÆRD released their sophomore album “Blodhævn.” GENFÆRD is a black metal band that hails from Denmark. After forming in 2014, the released their self-titled debut album “Genfærd” in 2015. Though I hadn’t heard of this band prior to reviewing them, I am really enjoying what I have heard. GENFÆRD’s style of black metal is a bit melodic, but still dark and ferocious. It’s isn’t raw and the vocals aren’t over the top. The riffs aren’t unique, but they’re played very well.

Galgenat” is the opening track. Raw and uncompromising from the get-go, ferocious black metal riffs and blast beats kick off this track. The track ends rather abruptly. Don’t despair, because the next track “Splittelse” starts off just as fast-paced. Even with the fast pace, the riffs still manage to be a bit melodic. Combined with the vocals, the feeling of distress and despair is overwhelming. “Trællegang” is another moody track. Though the pace speeds up, the moodiness is never lost due to the melancholic overall melody of the guitar riffs.

On “Hævnen,” the austere and breakneck speed riffs begin the track, only for the melodic riffs to take over briefly. Notably, there is a headbang worthy low-end driven outro. Halfway through the album is “Varslet.” It starts off somber and pensive, but crescendos towards the middle. The last two minutes are darkly beautiful and trance inducing. “Foragtens flamer” continues on that bleak atmosphere, though with searing black metal riffs. During the quieter sections, the restrained guitars are quickened with insistent drumming. The funerary guitar riff on the outro is a perfect ending to this track.

Det grå rige” and “Det sidste svigt” brings back some of the energy that was lost on the previous tracks. The latter, in particular, is made more savage with the deranged vocals. At nine minutes long, the closer “Hedengang” is a substantial track. With plenty of transitions between the different parts of the song, it never feels like it drags on.

Overall, I recommend this album, particularly to fans of newer black metal. It’s more melodic, but without losing any of that cold and bleak atmosphere typical of black metal. If you missed this album back in January, pick it up now!

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Galgenat
2. Splittelse
3. Trællegang
4. Hævnen
5. Varslet
6. Foragtens flammer
7. Det grå rige
8. Det sidste svigt
9. Hedengang
T. – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
J. – Lead guitar, vocals
S. – Bass guitar, vocals
K. – Drums, percussion
Record Label: Independent


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