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Gengis Khan - Possessed by the Moon Award winner

Gengis Khan
Possessed by the Moon
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 June 2022, 5:35 AM

Every Old School Metal genre can be a trap for bands: even the will of doing something new, you must breathe some life into what you’re playing to make it personal. It’s obvious that the feeling that says ‘I heard it before somewhere’ will be present in every moment, but one must check if the work presented is a recollection of clichés without anything to say, or a finding. And on “Possessed by the Moon”, the latest release of the Italian quintet GENGIS KHAN, the Old School Metal fans will have a good finding.

They work in a melodic way between traditional Heavy Metal of the 80’s (with clear influences from JUDAS PRIEST in their 80’s days, and from US Metal scene) and Hard Rock, and with some accessible parts (one can check this aspect clearly on “Possessed by the Wolf”). Again: the sensation that you heard their music in some moment in the past exists, but they work in a personal way, full of energy and many melodic hooks. Yes, this album sounds great, and it’s easy to like it! One aspect that calls attention is that they did a work on the production that tries to assemble some aspects of the 80’s Metal (trying to use the simplest instrumental tunes that they could find and that fit in their songs) with a modern and defined sonority. It’s not in the right point, but it’s a very good result, indeed.

Their musical work is really very good, but for s first time on the album, one can take “Possessed by the Wolf” (an accessible song with many melodic hooks, and with very good keyboards), “In the Name of Glory” (a heavier song with a clear influence of MANOWAR due the weighty approach, especially on the guitars, and what charming chorus), “Extreme Power” (a faster song with clear Heavy/Power Metal traits, but with a heavier appeal due the weight that comes from bass guitar and drums playing, and what lovely keyboards parts and backing vocals), “Possessed by the Moon” (this one shows is a song where aggressiveness, weight and melodies are entangled in a very good way, and what good work on the vocals and backing vocals), “The Wall of Death” (the essential influence of NWOBHM pulses on its instrumental arrangements), and “Long Live the Rebels” as the right ones. But there’s a bonus track, a demo version for “Gengis Khan”.

These Old School Italian barbarians are right, so listen to “Possessed by the Moon” and enjoy what is presented by GENGIS KHAN.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Possessed by the Wolf
2. In the Name of Glory
3. Extreme Power
4. Eternal Flame
5. Possessed by the Moon
6. Sandman
7. The Wall of Death
8. Long Live the Rebels
Frank Leone - Vocals, Bass
Mike Petrone - Guitars
Neil Grotti - Guitars
Lee Under - Keyboards
Giannis Lassa - Drums
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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