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Genital Grinder / Como Muertos – Split

Genital Grinder / Como Muertos
by Phillip Lawless at 05 April 2012, 1:06 PM

A split album by two Death Metal bands that I’ve never heard of? Sounds like an adventure. This album, aptly named “Split”, is made up of four contributions each from GENITAL GRINDER and COMO MUERTOS. Both must be newcomers to the Death Metal scene as there isn’t much information available on either band.

GENITAL GRINDER’s four songs start off the album, and opener “Sin To Death” clues the listener in on what to expect from this half of the album pretty quickly. A moody mid-paced, death groove that’s heavy on kick drum lasts for about 30 seconds, and it’s followed by a main section built on blast beats and tempo changes. Thick, growled vocals seem to be the norm here. I really like how this song comes to a frantic crescendo after a guitar solo during the final minute. “Obese” begins with a chunky riff, and it too cycles through every pace used in death metal. From crusty speed to sluggish groove, GENITAL GRINDER are definitely not scared to mix up tempos. “Consensual Torture”, at first listen, is a little more simplistic than the first two tracks. It doesn’t slow completely until a particularly effective breakdown and guitar solo at around the 1:49 mark. Here, guttural groans and moans add oodles of atmosphere. Then the song speeds into a fantastic double-speed finale. “Green Piss” is a tidy track that features frantic percussion and guitar playing under a thick coat of growling vocals.

COMO MUERTOS offers a faster, lighter version of Death Metal. Taking cues from forceful Grindcore, the drums rarely slow from full-on blast beat, and when they do, those sections don’t last for long. “La Furia del Verdugo” is just over three minutes of speed drumming and Punky guitars. The vocals here a touch thinner than GENITAL GRINDER, and the lyrics might even be understood if a listener spoke expert Spanish. I really enjoyed the spooky guitar lead that ends the first song here on a high point. “La Ciudad de los Muertos” features an almost rocker riff. There’s some thrash inspiration on display here including the definite flavor of classic MEGADETH in the mid-section guitar solo. Still, the lightning fast outro shows this band just can’t slow for long. “Demencia” is another Punkish track with growls and howls aplenty. There are two sections where the drums actually slow enough to allow some groove to sneak in; the guitarist quickly shows he is no stranger to catchy riffing. “Sangre de mi Sangre” starts at slow burn with samples from the movie “The Exorcist” laid over a head-bobbing riff. Whoa … after three solid tracks of grind, grind, grind, who know these guys could slow down and play the heavy game so well? This is an enjoyable and unexpected treat after three previous tracks of solid, break-neck speed.

From its menacing cover to its balanced song selections, “Split” acts as a nice introduction to two death metal bands that show plenty of promise. While GENITAL GRINDER maim with thick chords and tempo schizophrenia, COMO MUERTOS choose to slice with fleet-fingered riffages and Goregrind musings. The eight tracks here have convinced me to keep an eye out for future releases from both of these frisky violence freaks.

3 Star Rating

1. Sin To Death
2. Obese
3. Consensual Torture
4. Green Piss
5. La Furia del Verdugo
6. La Ciudad de los Muertos
7. Demencia
8. Sangre de mi Sangre
Seb Purulator – Vocals, Guitar
Julien Le Fennec – Guitar
François – Bass
Severin Albert – Drums

El Maestro – Vocals
Gorio Bajotierra – Vocals, Bass
El Doctor – Guitar, Bass
Mike – Drums
Record Label: Apathia Records


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