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Genius - A Rock Opera Part 3 (CD)

A Rock Opera Part 3
by Ian Kaatz at 21 April 2007, 1:59 PM

GENIUS is a rock opera that is mainly written by Daniele Liverani.  This particular release is the third in the series and if you take the name of the album literally it is the last release.  This is very different than what I was expecting with lots of twists, turns, and narration.  I was expecting to mainly enjoy the singers on this release since they are so diverse as well as some of my favorites.

Since this is a story it is probably bet to either one listen from the first album to the third to understand the story or it is best to go the  website and read the full details of the story.

The album begins with a very upbeat number in sense of the music, but the characters are faced with a great problem in the story line, which I thought to be kind of strange.  The song is filled all kinds of group choirs that are in a sense talking to the main character Genius, they do blend very nicely as well as go great the music.  If my ears don't deceive me D.C.'s character dominants this particular song and his voice really shines with the almost jazzy sounding parts.  The second one is a very high energy track the could have the potential to get some real head banging going if it could ever be performed live.  The third one is a slower number that features Andrea and D.C. mainly and it is really nice combination of vocals.  Daniele definitely knows how to layer the different sounds that are present in the mix.  Daniele and the producer Serafino Perugino have really done a superb job throughout the album with overall sound that reigns supreme in the other songs such as Let Me Live and I Die.

I would have to recommend this album to fans of Prog Rock and Prog Metal seeing that obvious variations throughout in the music style not just the singer.  I went into this release with only knowing the singers and I was pleasantly pleased so maybe I should recommend this disc to anyone that is a fan of D.C. or Jorn.  Daniel sings a good amount, but it would seem that this release is pretty different from Pain of Salvation.  On the whole it's a good release not a contender for year's best, but it is a solid album.

3 Star Rating

Toy warehouse
No more chances
Save me from my destiny
Alive and safe
Jump off this train
Let me live
Inside these memories
I die
Back to life again
Dream in liberty
The final surprise
Daniele Liverani - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Toys recordings
Dario Ciccioni - Drums and Percusssions
DC Cooper - Genius (Vocals)
Daniel Gildenlow - Twinspirit n.32 (Vocals)
Jorn Lande - Apikor (Vocals)
Andrea Datwyler - Kokeshi (Vocals)
Toby Hitchcock - Senator Jeramus (Vocals)
Eric Martin - Mr. Niko (Vocals)
Phillip Bynoe - Storyteller (Vocals)
Record Label: Frotnrs Records


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