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Genius - A Rock Opera Pt2 - In Search Of The Little Prince (CD)

A Rock Opera Pt2 - In Search Of The Little Prince
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 29 April 2004, 6:44 PM

It all started back in 1999, when a talented Italian musician, Daniele Liverani decided to make the most venturous and ambitious step so far in his career by creating Genius. A gathering of Heavy Metal's well known personalities, people that had been serving our favorite, beloved music genre with their own separate bands for many years were now comprised in the cast of his very own rock opera! The challenge was great. He took the risk and…succeeded!
The first part of the trilogy was released in the fall of 2002 and met a warm embrace from the Metal community as it's quality was inarguable and the participants defied the whether or not eminent material that Liverani wrote down.
So, the years have passed and the time for the sequel has arrived. The time for the ineluctable comparisons, the time that would justify either No sequel is better than the original or Liverani himself. I have many reasons to claim that the Italian triumphed this atypical battle towards mainly his own self, as a composer.
For those purchasing the first part of the trilogy, the storyline is thereabout familiar. For those who aren't aware of Liverani's previous work, I suggest they go to the official site of the project where a detailed analysis of  Genius is presented and is greatly helpful in the apprehension of the whole concept. The story is simply majestic and it would be pointless and unfair to dedicate only a few lines to it, as it surely deserves a closer look.
Although the outcome should automatically be successful, when stars like Russell Allen (Symphony X), Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of salvation), Mark Boals (Ring of Fire, x-Malmsteen) and many others complete the cast of characters, what should be highlighted here is the material's adamancy that leaves no doubt about Liverani's rich talent. 11 magnificent songs that move in the progressive/power vein, through which Genius is unveiled harmonically and pleasurably for every single listener. The readings are, predictable, spotless and in my humble opinion a special citation must be given to Russell Allen. Oh boy…I always keep saying that this man is one of the most charismatic vocalists in the Heavy Metal scene and his part in Genius proves unquestionably my opinion. Just listen to the power of his voice and submit to it…
I could write down countless lines about Liverani's masterpiece. . It's an album that gained my interest over the last weeks and immediately owned a place in my CD player. A must have for all those who consider themselves to be quality listeners and have a variety in their hearings. I won't bother judging whether the sequel surpasses the first part or not, all that matters to me is the fact that I enjoyed both of them and with great impatience I await for the final episode. I bow before the Italian Genius…

4 Star Rating

He Will Die
Playing In Their Dreams
He Won't Escape
My Dear Son
What He Has To Say
All My Fault
To Be Free
Fight Again
Far Away From Here
Daniele Liverani - All Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Dario Ciccioni - Drums & Percussions
Oliver Hartmann - All Choirs

Mark Boals - Genius
Daniel Gildenlow - Twinspirit n.32
Russel Allen - Dream League Commander
Edu Falaschi - Jason
Jeff Martin - Seventree
Rob Tyrant - Oddyfer Guardian
Eric Martin - Mr. Niko
Johnny Gioeli - Oddyfer
Liv Kristine - Klepsydra
Philip Bynoe - Storyteller
Record Label: Frontiers


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